A Small Business Homing Pigeon...

Ever since I started ELEV8 HAWAII, I've been a big advocate for SMALL LOCAL BUSINESSES throughout the Hawaii community. From chex mix innovators to handcrafted artisans, I try to keep an eye out for people who are really trying to be different and innovative while creating products and services for others in the community! These small businesses are those we should really keep an eye out for and support.

Whenever I travel, I try to find local businesses to patron and really try to plant my feet into the community to understand not only their business dynamic but the love of their community.

I've come to TALLAHASSEE, CRAWFORDVILLE (actually Wakulla, a county in Crawfordville), FLORIDA to see my in-laws AND to check out the small businesses within this community. After speaking with a few people, I learned that the small counties all depend on the local businesses in their areas to support them and provide goods and services at the local level, otherwise, the community would need to travel 30-45 minutes away to find them.

I've noticed that farmer's markets aren't as large as they are in Honolulu, where you could find a farmer's market happening everyday of the week in 3-5 different locations. But, at a variety of small local businesses throughout the city of Tallahassee, I found other small businesses being promoted. This is fantastic as collaboration among neighbors has always been a huge 'YES' for me when I speak with small businesses in Honolulu.

As a HUGE coffee buff, my search to find the perfect cup of coffee in FLORIDA has lead me to a place called LUCKY GOAT COFFEE CO.

Much like a homing pigeon, once I found a GREAT cup of coffee...I kept coming back! At first, I thought I visited the only store in the state but come to find out, they have 4 locations.... and I've been to ALL OF THEM (totally unplanned). In my opinion, the key to running a successful coffee shop is to have a FANTASTIC CUP OF COFFEE, followed by a relaxing atmosphere, easy WIFI accessibility, a clean bathroom and tasty treats! This place hit the spot on all of them! Not to mention they are HUGE supporters of their local community!

Now, although my trip isn't close to being over, I felt the need to show some love for LUCKY GOAT COFFEE CO., as I stopped in to visit them 1-2 times per day thus far and have been quite amazed at people's dedication to their brand and their coffee! Best of luck in the future to everyone there! I'm totally a fan and can't wait to see your growth throughout FLORIDA and beyond!

Thank you very much for staying up to date with ELEV8 HAWAII as I continue to make my way throughout FLORIDA and supporting small local businesses in this community. Next up is ORLANDO, FLORIDA so if you have any suggestions on small businesses to visit just let me know at elev8hawaii @ gmail <dot> com .

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Can't find them on our showcase?  Well, let us know!  We love small business and would love to know who you're looking for so we could see about getting them FEATURED!

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