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Let's get this party started! For those of you who know me, it may appear that I'm that type of guy that takes excellent care of myself. One could assume that I do manicures, pedicures, eye brow sculpting, the list could go on and on. But, the truth is, I DON'T.

When I get up in the morning, I brush my teeth and splash water on my face. Not to wash off a nighttime mask, but just to open my eyes to wake up. A skin care regime is not in my daily routine, nor did I have a will to get it initiated. That was until I stopped by Honolulu Med Spa in Honolulu.

(Photo courtesy of: Honolulu Med Spa)

Located at 1650 Liliha Street, Suite 102 Honolulu, Hi 96817, Honolulu Med Spa is the only full-service medical spa in Hawaii offering patients the chance to significantly improve their appearance without plastic surgery.

So before beginning anything, I needed to do my research and find out everything I could about spa's that offer these kinds of services. After meeting with a few places, I made the decision that I would visit Honolulu Med Spa. Now, this doesn't mean any of the other spas that I researched were not sufficient, as they each offered incredible services, great employees, and fair pricing. I chose Honolulu Med Spa because I made a connection with the nurse who really understood what I was trying to do. I encourage you to do your research and find what best makes you feel comfortable.


Today I went in to try out their HYDRAFACIAL Liquid Microdermabrasion service. Now, for the record, I have NEVER, EVER gotten one done before as I didn't think it was necessary for me. After speaking with the aesthetician, I'm glad that I came in.

The HYDRAFACIAL is a serum-based, gentle, and exfoliating treatment revolutionizes traditional microdermabrasion, makes your pores appear smaller, and leaves your skin feeling baby soft and silky smooth.

In all honesty, I was nervous about going in as I've never let someone do this type of treatment to me nor was I aware of what I was getting into. Take a look below and see for yourself!

You can't see the nervousness on my face but IT. WAS. THERE. I was afraid I was going to get prodded or poked to go along with a laser light show that seemed to be brewing in the corner.

The overall experience was quiet delightful and I realized that I was terrified for no reason! This process cleaned my pores (I saw the container with my oils and dirt in it) and my skin looked fantastic. Don't freak out, as much as you clean your skin at home, there's dirt and oils that lay beneath the surface of your skin and that is why this type of facial is excellent to receive every now and again.

I highly recommend you contacting Honolulu Med Spa (contact information is provided below) if you're considering a facial or looking for other non surgical ways to improve your appearance! They are definitely a small, local business in Hawaii with highly trained professionals who are able to provide you with information to make your best decisions. You can definitely use me as a referral as I'm a satisfied customer!

Honolulu Med Spa

1650 Liliha St

Suite 102

Honolulu, Hi 96817

Tel: (808) 528-0888

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Instagram: @HonoluluMedSpa

Facebook: /HonMedSpa

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