Just Leaving An Impression...

While visiting the 2018 Haleiwa Arts Festival in search of innovative and unique small local businesses, I just happened to pass by a booth that caught my attention. After a hot minute, this booth was surrounded by people who were "lured" in to see the sights.

The sun was out and festival was thriving! What better way to start the day up in Haleiwa. Small local businesses were out in full force showcasing their creations to art lovers and supporters of the local economy. It was such a privilege to be there and to see so many talented, developed artists and also to be a witness to the up-and-coming future of handcrafted creations.

An Ancient Art Brought To Life

The ancient art of Gyotaku (Gyo "fish" / taku "stone impression") can be dated back to the mid 1800's in Japan where fishermen would catch fish and leave an impression of the fish to record their catch. While at the Haleiwa Art Festival, I was lucky enough to watch this art in action.

Gyotaku by Naoki

This fine artisan is Naoki Hayashi and the business is called Gyotaku by Naoki. He and his talented team were featured at the Haleiwa Art Festival. I watched as people stopped by and gazed at his creations. Some people thought they were hand painted until they got a chance to see the actual crafting of these unique pieces. Naoki and his team offer a variety of opportunities to get involved in creating one-of-a-kind pieces. CLICK HERE to see what services they offer and how you can get a hold of one!

As innovative as this art form is, you're bound to see many Naoki pieces found in offices, homes, and businesses around the island...and world. Be sure to look for the "NAOKI" signature at the bottom of the painting. Have you seen one before?

Gyotaku by Naoki

46-020 Alaloa St. Unit D Kaneohe, HI 96744

Tel: (808) 330-2823

Web: www.gyotaku.com

Email: gyotakubynaoki@gmail.com

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