Start With Great Service And The Rest Is A Piece Of Pie!

Are you a dessert enthusiast? For you strawberry lovers, looking at this photo must be torture for you. But don't fret, you can get a slice of this at ANY TIME for this eatery that we selected at the "July 2018 Elev8 Hawaii & Chamber of Commerce Hawaii Small Business of the Month".

Since the beginning, this restaurant has been capturing the hearts (and lips) of locals and visitors alike. From their unique waitress uniforms, consisting of a white blouse, red skirt, and apron, to their made-fresh pies that greet you as you enter through their front doors.

ANNA MILLER'S was founded in Hawaii in 1973 and since then has expanded their operation to Japan as well.


In Hawaii, Pearlridge Center is the host of this popular, late night hideaway. Located in their own building (not connected to the mall) and just a few steps up, Anna Miller's is open 24 hours a day and serving up delicious array of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert!

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii, Anna Miller's joins a team of individuals and businesses that are committed to building a better business climate, enhancing the quality of life, and assisting with economic growth (to name a few).

We visited Anna Miller's on a Sunday evening. This is my first time (since my childhood) that I visited for dinner so I had no idea what to expect. Upon our arrival, we were immediately greeted at the door and I noticed numerous guests sitting on the padded benches awaiting to be seated. Before I could sit down to wait, I noticed people being called in to start their dining experience. Within a matter of minutes, our name was called and we were happily taken to our table! (boy that was quick!)

The host that sat us was extremely nice and well composed. She welcomed us with a huge smile, explained the specials, and asked if she could get us something to drink. I can't stress enough how much first impressions impact your guest's experience for the rest of the meal. (VERY GOOD JOB!).


The menu was filled with tasty, savory, sweet, and comfort food that anyone can relate to. Breakfast for dinner? WHY NOT. Dessert for breakfast? SURE THING. With the variety that's on the menu, you can't help but have "a little bit of this and a little bit of that".

We decided to go in three directions, SAVORY, "LUNCHY", and SWEET!

(Portuguese Bean Soup... Served with the meal)

(Chicken Pot Pie)

(Clubhouse Sandwich - Ham, American Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato)

The CHICKEN POT PIE came with a choice of soup or salad with a taro roll while my CLUBHOUSE SANDWICH came with a few choices. I convinced myself that it was Sunday so I could carbo-load and make up for it during the week! Grant it, you could choose healthier options, but I chose mashed potatoes (with gravy), french fries, and potato salad. (Mmmm! Yummy!)

(Taro Roll)

(Potato Salad)


ANNA MILLER'S isn't just known for their 24 hour operation and unique waitress uniforms, they are known for their abundance of homemade pies. They have 30 pies that are made regularly and each customer has their personal favorite. Whatever you may be craving at the time, I'm sure you'll find something to tantalize your taste buds!

For us tonight, it DEFINITELY was a Strawberry Pie kind of night! The Strawberry is actually their #1 seller. I watched throughout my meal as dozens (literally dozens) of strawberry pies flew out of the kitchen. It was as if strawberries were on the endangered species list and people HAD to get their last bites. But after talking with our waitress, she said this happens everyday! WOW!

Now, I'm not a HUGE strawberry pie fan but after taking my first bite into this pie, I realized why everyone needed this in their life! It was outstanding! The strawberries were sweet and complimented the pie filling just right!


As someone who has grown up with ANNA MILLER'S in their neighborhood, it was such a pleasure to visit again and reawaken my senses. The customer service of the employees was just stellar and everything about the operation was seamless and efficient. Upon checking out, I listened as the cashier asked each customer if they were military, as they offer a military discount. It's so nice to see them taking care of our military (being that Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam is right down the road).

Before passing over our credit card, she asked if we wanted to get a pie. Of course, it was hard to resist as the temptation was right in front of us! LOL.

If you are in the neighborhood and haven't tried ANNA MILLER'S, stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and don't forget to grab a slice of pie! If you've been here before, it may be a good time to come back and support this small local business!

Mahalo for your great customer service! I'll definitely be back!


98-115 Kaonohi St.

Aiea, Hi 96701

Tel: 808-487-2421

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