Your SUNDAYS May Never Be The Same!

June 26, 2018


Sundays are notoriously known as "SUNDAY FUNDAY" and nothing could further from the truth when you combine your Sunday evening with two musicians, who are long time friends, that have jam sessions in Waikiki!  

SHAWN GARNETT and BRANDON DAWSON are the dynamic duo that graces the stage at a Waikiki "dive bar" called "CUCKOO COCONUTS".  

At first glance, one could be a little intimidated about coming in, but you should WASH that mentality out of your mind!  If you're looking for a chill place to relax and wash your week away, then this is the spot.  


When I walked in, the place was getting busy!  Most of the tables were taken and people were laughing and having a good time.  Servers were taking drink orders and dropping off food all around this open air bar.  Big tents are in place to give you the impression that you're indoors but that's apart of the appeal.  Upon sitting down right in front of the stage, I knew that I was in store for some good times.  



Shawn and Brandon were so casual!  T-shirt, rubbah slippas, puka shell necklaces, and talent beyond compare!  That's really all you need to entertain a crowd!  Some people were dressed up, some people were dressed like they were coming straight from the beach.  Attire wasn't a huge concern here!  Come to enjoy yourself, enjoy the backyard type ambiance, and music that would get your foot stampin'! 


Brandon Dawson played the percussions.  His experience on stage dates back....we'll just say he's been doing this since his "hanabada" days.  His drum set was perfect for the stage and he didn't miss a beat!  He set the tone with each graceful flick of his wrist and seamlessly laid down the foundation for each song!  If you watch carefully, you might even see him laying down a vocal or two!  

On the other side of the stage is Brandon's partner in musical mischief, SHAWN GARNETT.  Now, you might be thinking..."why does SHAWN look so familiar?"  Well, it may be due to his recurring role on HAWAII FIVE-O as the character COUSIN FLIPPA or his presence on your radio at 93.1 Da PA'INA during the morning show THE AUGIE Radio Show.  But, that is just a small part of this vocal magician's repertoire.  While on stage, SHAWN seduces the microphone with his sultry tones and arrangements.  

Together these two performers take you on a musical journey from songs that scale through decades of great music!  They have such a functional relationship on stage that it makes you feel like you've been their friend for some time!  (Sidenote:  They DON'T rehearse together throughout the week!  It may sound ridiculous but these musicians are definitely well seasoned veterans of their craft!) 


Would I come back to see them again?  ABSOLUTELY!  I'm already planning my Sunday around this!  


Do yourself a favor, stop in, cheer, eat, and drink (responsibly of course).  





Every Sunday from 7:00pm - 10:00pm.




333 Royal Hawaiian Ave. 

Honolulu, Hi  96815

Tel:  (808) 926-1620

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