This Watercolor Wizard is Everywhere!

Living in Hawaii, we are blessed to be witness to the magnificent natural colors of the islands. From the bright white tones of the fragrant Gardenia flowers on the mountains of Oahu to the echoing pinks from the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki, colors play a significant role in our lives here in Hawaii!


When Nordstrom Hawaii opened their doors in Ala Moana Center, I was anxious to get in. Not just to see what wild and crazy fashions would await me, but to get a shopping bag. Why a shopping bag? Well, it was masterfully created by the one and only, LAUREN ROTH!

(Photos from Lauren Roth Art, click to see more)

Now, the bags weren't the only designs she created! Gift cards were also created with her watercolor masterpieces displayed on them.

(Photos from Lauren Roth Art, click to see more)


(Photos from Lauren Roth Art, click to see more)

I'm a huge fan of Lauren Roth. Her works of art has graced many covers of magazines, been framed and hung on walls throughout the islands of Hawaii and the world. She collaborated with Kate Spade at Ala Moana Center to paint bags that were purchased so they would have her signature designs on them!

Her designs and artistic direction showcases a playful professionalism but with an elegant glam look to them. If only she could create wearable art for more people to appreciate! WAIT. SHE DID!


Ask and you shall receive... LeSportsac & LAUREN ROTH ART have collaborated and created your Hawaii Exclusive, Limited Edition, "ULUWEHI COLLECTION". This colorful creation is NOW available at your nearest LeSportsac in Hawaii and waiting for you to parade them around our beautiful island paradise!

Funny thing about this design is that she has been working on this piece for over a year...and finally it came to life!

When I first popped into the store, just viewing the pattern from the door, you're able to feel the fresh air of the ALOHA SPIRIT. Her colors jumped off the canvas to visually stimulate your eyes then your hands stretch out to touch the bag, once you have it in your hands, you feel the need to take it home. Your resistance is futile as this well designed, created in Hawaii collaboration is just what's missing from your life!

From wallets, handbags, backpacks, make-up bags, fanny packs, and so much more! You're bound to find a piece that speaks your name!


I'm actually on my way to her LAUNCH of this delicious design work. I will be so bold to say that this is certainly the next step to seeing LAUREN ROTH ART on the runways of New York, Los Angeles, HAWAII, and the other fashion capitals of the world. Soon enough, when people attend galas, they will be asked who are you wearing? And their response roll off their tongue as it should... "It's a LAUREN ROTH original".


Facebook: @LaurenRothArt

Instagram: @LaurentRothArt

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