Let's Wrap It Up LAS VEGAS!


For 5 days, I took an unplanned adventure to LAS VEGAS, NEVADA. Now, many people commented about why would I want to go to LAS VEGAS versus anywhere else in the world for 5 days?

Well, first and foremost, I live in HAWAII. We are literally 6-9 hours from ANY sort of land mass so just the first leg of the trip would be considerably long! LOL. Secondly, out of all the states, Nevada has a growing population of people from Hawaii. According to the "World Population Review", these island transplants tend to visit and never leave.

Interestingly, Las Vegas is sometimes referred to as the 9th island of Hawaii because so many people from the state have moved to Las Vegas. As the Las Vegas Sun recently reported, about 20% of all Hawaiians have visited Las Vegas in one year, and many stay. ( Las Vegas Population. (2018-06-12). Retrieved 2018-06-16, from http://worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities/las-vegas/ )

For me, I love coming up here every so often to shop, taste, and see what small businesses are doing to keep thriving! Below you'll find an array of photos from my trip! I visited so many local businesses (along with a few that started from Hawaii roots). I'll be putting out my TOP SPOTS YOU MUST VISIT (if you're not already a COMMUNITY SUPPORTER, be sure to SUBSCRIBE for FREE!)

First of all, before we get started...please make sure you know how to TRAVEL. Dress appropriately and comfortably. Don't adorn yourself with a sea of Hawaiian bracelets and jewelry just to walk into the TSA checkpoint and be TOLD to take it all off. You should know this.... Try to make the transition as smooth a possible to ensure lines don't back up. OR if you're like me...


Next, be sure that you travel with a companion that you enjoy spending time with. This person will be your travel partner so you should like hanging out with them! LOL

Don't be afraid to TRY new things and open yourself up to possibilities. By supporting small local businesses, you're supporting the dreams of a community member and helping your local businesses improve and grow!

We had the opportunity to COOK LOCAL. My brother is actually a manager at a restaurant on the Las Vegas strip. He's a HUGE supporter of local businesses but not only that, he plants and grows almost 80% of his own vegetables! He enjoys self sustainability whenever possible! (Gosh I wish I had a picture

of his garden!!! OMG)

Restaurants or retail establishments throughout Las Vegas do their best to source local whenever possible. Be sure to ask if you're interested to know!


This was a fantastic experience as I was able to talk to so many people about supporting local businesses, eating local, buying local, and taking care of their community. It's fantastic to see so many businesses embracing our island lifestyle by tying in some flavors from Hawaii and appealing to many locals from the 808. They call it the "9th Island" for a reason as I couldn't help but see so many HAWAII stickers on the back of cars!

Stay tuned as I'll be putting out a TOP SPOTS YOU MUST VISIT when you visit LAS VEGAS, NEVADA so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to receive it!

Please be sure to SHARE this with friends who are small business advocates, Lovers of Las Vegas, or who haven't see ELEV8 HAWAII yet! I really appreciate it!


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