Eden In Love Finds A Home In Las Vegas


You may know them from HAWAII but this small local business isn't just a resident of the 808 state any longer. In August 2017, EDEN IN LOVE opened their doors not only to a new store, but a new store in another state.

Some may call it the "9th Island", but it's best known as LAS VEGAS! With fashion trendy customers, a huge nightlife scene, and history with the city, it only seemed right for their next location to be in the big 702.

Today, I ventured over to EDEN IN LOVE's newest location in the "Town Square" shopping center. It was a beautiful space located in the center of the shopping plaza. It was 108 degrees outside but the humidity was 3% (HOLY COW!) I thought I'd be dripping with sweat but it was totally do-able!

Upon entering the store, I was warmly greeted (with a burst of AC) with a HELLO and told about the SALE they had going on. "Any shirt or dress with sleeves was only $ 12.00...except cardigans and a few shirts in the middle". WHAT? $ 12.00? Are you kidding? Now, I wasn't there to shop but rather to stop in and talk for a bit but this deal is something I couldn't turn down... not for myself of course but my mother! Ha Ha Ha!

Soon after grabbing a few designs for my mother, I found myself talking to another gentleman who worked there. He was so nice and proud of the clothing they offered and grateful for all the people who patron the stores in both Hawaii and Las Vegas. It was then I realized that he was one half of the husband-wife team that started this magnificent fashion boutique empire! Tanna and Bryson Dang started Eden In Love in 2007, ten years later they have stretched their reach to include Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bryson and I chatted for a little while about Las Vegas and the people of the community. He also told me a story about why they also chose Las Vegas as the next stop to open their boutique.

Bryson said his father-in-law had always loved Las Vegas. The two would take regular trips up to the city together to hang out, shop, gamble, and eat. It wasn't until his father in law passed away that he knew the best way to pay homage to him was to open a boutique in his honor, in the city that he cared so much about.

To be completely honest, this story choked me up a little as I could feel his sincerity and the honesty. What a great reason to open a small business in Las Vegas!

The store was filled with beautiful fashions from skirts to jackets, t-shirts to pants, you could find what you needed for the upcoming weekend concert or just to go to work.

Tanna and Bryson invite everyone to stop by the store to say ALOHA and check out some styles that are only available in the LAS VEGAS boutique. Whether you're a Las Vegas native, Hawaii transplant, or just visiting this city that never sleeps, drive on down to TOWN SQUARE and check out the latest fashions from EDEN IN LOVE!

EDEN IN LOVE and the Dang family are HUGE supporters of LOCAL BUSINESSES so if you have a clothing line, a jewelry creation, or fashionable concoction, please be sure to CLICK HERE and email them to tell them more about it!

It was such a pleasure to speak with Bryson and meet Erica. My mom is bound to be so happy when she see the beautiful pieces that were chosen for her! I'm sure she'll be coming back around the next time she's in LAS VEGAS TOO!

If you know someone who may love to know more about EDEN IN LOVE or even visit this shop the next time they are in Las Vegas, please be sure to SHARE this article with them!

Thank you for your support in supporting local businesses and I can't wait to see what comes up next!


6671 S. Las Vegas Blvd. #A-123

Las Vegas, NV 89119

TEL: 702.684.6005

Website: www.edeninlove.myshopify.com


Mon-Thurs 10a-9p,

Fri-Sat 10a-10p,

Sun 11a-8p


Instagram: @edeninloveboutique

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