Come to Agu Ramen for HAPPY HOUR...

READY.... AIM.... EAT!

As a frequent patron of multiple HAPPY HOURS around Honolulu, I consider myself well versed in the intricate art of HAPPY HOUR HUNTING! Today, I visited AGU RAMEN at Ward Village to try their NEW happy hour menu! Lemme tell you, this is certainly a good place to put on your list.

With HAPPY HOUR from 3:00pm to 6:00pm AND 1 hour prior to closing, you're certain to draw a smile!

  • 50% OFF Asahi Draft Beer and Cocktails

  • $ 5.00 Wine By The Glass

  • 50% OFF Food Menu


There was a colorful array of mouth watering dishes waiting for us as we opened the front doors! A tasting menu that made you want to order everything...and for the price, you pretty much should! Each dish is carefully crafted and plated so you feel envied by your friends when they see your photos on social media.

The AGU TACOS and the HAPPY HOUR RAMEN "Jidori Shio" was my favorite dishes of the bunch.

Come alone or bring your friends, there's always a place for you here. With ample counter space, you can sit comfortably and enjoy some quiet time after a long day or even lounge on the bench for a table with your friends to laugh your way into the night.

With 8 locations around the island of Oahu, you can easily find an AGU RAMEN to taste this new HAPPY HOUR MENU. (CLICK HERE to find a location nearest you)

Overall, I was very happy with the new menu. The 50% OFF Asahi and cocktails is definitely a great feature that I'm sure people will be taking advantage of. I'd like to thank AGU RAMEN and THOMAS OBUNGEN for their kind invitation to take a look at the new HAPPY HOUR MENU. As a big advocate of good RAMEN (as you can see from checking out my instagram), I'm a huge fan of AGU RAMEN and hope you'll take a minute to try out their HAPPY HOUR MENU too!

PS. They also have an array of VEGETARIAN & VEGAN RAMEN available on their regular menu!


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