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To me, Kailua is a beautiful city!  It's filled with a diverse group of people who like to support local products, local services, and.... LOCAL BEERS!  With that in mind, I'm so glad I stopped into GRACE IN GROWLERS!

Holly (pictured in photo above) and Timothy Veling are the owners of GRACE IN GROWLERS in Kailua.  They offer the first and only self serve craft beer tasting room in the state of Hawaii, BUT that's not ALL they're doing!  




Located at 143 Hekili St. Ste 110 Kailua, Hawaii  96734, this crafty room of craft beer has a variety of beers from ALL OVER.  A majority of the beers are from local brewers who create tastes from the islands of Hawaii.  Some you may have already heard of them... (take a look below).






GRACE IN GROWLERS offers such a huge variety of drafts that once one is through, you'll be trying a completely different brew!  If you just started learning more about the variety of craft beers, don't worry, each beer has a story so you're able to know what you're drinking.  How much do they cost?  Well, to keep up with the changing times and technology, the small business has a tech savvy way to calculate your consumption based on a bracelet!  Each ounce is calculated and is displayed on the digital menu for each beer.  DON'T LOSE THIS's the only way to grab a brew!  





These two entrepreneurs aren't just serving beer, they are raising money to support initiatives that help the less fortunate in Hawaii AND the world.  This worldwide vision of HELP and HOPE is the driving force behind the creative crafting they display!  


"100% of profits go to community service initiatives"


WHAT?  IS THAT TRUE?  Yep!  It is. 


(Photo clip from "Grace in Growlers" website)


They have a bundle of initiatives that they participate in!  CLICK HERE for more information.  




Well, they thought of that too!  I'm not a huge drinker...especially because I had to drive here!  (ALWAYS BE RESPONSIBLE) So instead, I drank KOMBUCHA on DRAFT!  




My experience was quite impressive to say the least!  It was my first time but it certainly wont't be my last!  Holly was so friendly, easy to talk to, and explained WHY they are running this business!  Essentially, the owners LOVE their community and giving back through community service programs just makes total sense to them!  In my opinion, it kinda mirrors the thought of "Noblesse Oblige" which can be translated to a less than literal meaning of... 


"...much is expected to who much has been given... "  


If you have a chance to visit GRACE IN GROWLERS, I'd recommend bringing a few friends as it's always fun to share in these passion with people we love!  





143 Hekili St. Ste 110

Kailua, Hawaii  96734

Tel:  (808) 975-9317




Hours of Operation:  


Monday - Thursday 12pm - 9pm

Friday - Saturday 12pm - 10pm 

Sunday 12pm - 8pm


Social Media


Instagram:  @graceingrowlers



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