Ali'i Coffee Company Has Come To Town!

I am definitely a creature of habit! When I find a place that I like, trust, and believe in, that business will continue to get my money, time, and recommendations! I'm so glad that I found this caffeinated company while browsing through a farmer's market... they now have a STORE and place I can go to hang out!

(Will Gold and James Webb - Owners of Ali'i Coffee Company)

The two masterminds behind the Ali'i Coffee Company are Will Gold and James Webb. This dynamic duo of caffeinated creations have build this business from the ground up. They started by roasting small batch coffee beans and til this day, have stuck with that same initial concept!

These gentleman have participated in a multitude of farmer's markets around the island of Oahu and built up a serious following of customers who love their COLD BREW!

Will and James have talked to me over the course of the past few years about opening a store but finding the right location was always the main concern. They know their product, they know their demographic, they know how to stay true to their creation but still add a lil' twist to keep their customers coming back with curiosity of a new concoction!

(Banana Milk Float (Ripe banana, Almond Milk, Orgeat Syrup) / Cold Brew / Biscotti)

Today, (May 4, 2018) was the SOFT opening of their very FIRST STORE! They posted via Instagram to inform their customers that the doors were open and they were ready!


It's always nice to see small businesses grow and expand their reach. Ali'i Coffee Company is the perfect example of what can happen when you build a group of positive supporters around your great product!

When I think back to meeting these guys the first time, it was obvious that the formula to success was right in front of me! You have two people who OBVIOUSLY share a passion and a love for COFFEE, motivation and perseverance to push forward to achieve greatness, and to top it all off, they keep roasting in small batches. When you have a dream, you let nothing stand in your way to achieving your goal. Will and James certainly proved that they deserve to be apart of this thriving small business community and they can't wait to share their innovations with you!

The ALI'I COFFEE COMPANY will open it's doors for their FIRST OFFICIAL DAY on Monday, May 7, 2018. If you're coming into work in downtown Honolulu, be sure to wake up a little earlier and swing by 35 South Beretania Street (the old location of "Let Them Eat Cupcakes"). Let them know ELEV8 HAWAII sent ya! <wink>


The fellas thought about that too...come on in and try a "TEA OF THE WEEK". This week's tea is using the organic Cascara (red coffee berry) with a hint of lavender! (WOW!)

(Oh yes, the tea is served in this beautiful glassware!)


In all honesty, I'm so proud of these business owners who have worked diligently over the past few years to introduce their small batch roasting and cold brew to the people of Hawaii through farmer's markets! It's just perfect timing that they open up a coffee boutique and found a way to give their gift in a cup to others!

If you want to pick up more than just a cup to last throughout the week, Ali'i Coffee Company has growlers that are available to purchase and fill with your favorite cold brew! (They are good for 1 week).

And last but finally not least, be sure to come in and take pictures with their new artwork on the wall and tag them at #AliiCoffeeCo .

Congratulations to both Will and James for a successful opening and I can't wait to see the great customer response!

Ali'i Coffee Company

35 South Beretania Street

Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Hours of Operation:

To Be Updated Soon

Social Media:

Instagram: @aliicoffeeco

Facebook: /aliicoffeecompany

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