"Oh Stage Restaurant, Your Face Lift is Just Fantastic"...



It's been a while since visiting STAGE RESTAURANT on the 2nd floor of the INSPIRATION DESIGN CENTER off of Kapiolani Boulevard in Honolulu, Hawaii.  But, I'm so thankful tonight I stepped into the sexy wonderland of culinary masterpieces and visual temptation.  

The entrance to the restaurant was pushed back further thus allowing a bar top to be readily available for those looking to enjoy delicious cocktails or the wine bar (located right out front).  


As you enter, you're greeted with a sexy layout of furniture to rest as you await your guests.  Browse through a wine menu and choose your favorite libation to start off this chivalrous evening.  

So, before I get started let me tell everyone that the photos featured are brightened up a little as the general feel of the dining room was very warm, cozy, chic, sexy, and gorgeous!  










So, coming back again to experience STAGE RESTAURANT's mouth watering menu is not just a treat, but it could be the hardest part of the experience as they have so many choices that I wanted to try!  They have a new menu and I wanted to order everything but I knew that I couldn't possibly eat it all!  But, just from perusing the menu, a part of me wanted to take a chance and try it!  LOL 




Instead, I decided to try out their 5 Course Tasting Menu!  You could add a wine pairing to go with this menu (of course I didn't as I needed to be responsible as the driver for the night).  But, after watching a friend enjoy the pairing, I was easily convinced to do it next time!  


If you have eaten at STAGE RESTAURANT in the past, you'll already know that they are famous for creating magnificent dishes and even devilishly creative desserts.  After placing my order, I sat and waited in finger biting anticipation to see what was coming out of that kitchen!  


There was no doubt in my mind that greatness was to ensue as both the restaurant menu and the dessert menu was crafted by two brilliant minds in Honolulu's restaurant scene.  Executive Chef Ron De Guzman and Pastry Chef Cainan Sabey





(Anchovy Vinaigrette, Crispy Parmesan, Endives, Bacon Powder)


(Shiitake Mushroom, Corn, Truffle-Soy, Scallion Puree, Smoked Trout Roe)

(with a fish allergy on the table, they kitchen easily made an adjustment to accomodate...so this doesn't include the roe) 


(Pickled Onions, Ume Puree, Corn, Creamy Yukon Potato) 


(Puff Pastry, Truffle-Mushroom Duxelle, Ali’i Mushroom, Asparagus)

DESSERT DU JOUR (Completely up to the Chef)

(THE PINEAPPLE:  Pabana Panna Cotta, Tropical Sorbet, Maui Pineapple Foam, Lilikoi Coulis, Coconut Powder)




I was highly please and satisfied with the overall delivery, presentation, and flavor of EVERY dish in the 5 Course Tasting Menu! 


In addition to the 5 Course menu, the restaurant started you off with a palatte cleansing bite of avocado, ponzu and rice cracker!  

And at the END of the meal service, another small bite to clean your palette!  This time it was a cheesecake with a piece of raspberry!  Oh man! 




I had a party of four people with me on this go round, and let me tell you!  EVERYONE WAS STUFFED!  They had an overload of flavors all prepared with a lot love and passion.  From start to finish, each bite took you on an adventure!  From the crispy crunch of the skin of the Pork Belly to the savory bite of shiitake mushroom in the Chowanmushi!  


Another cool thing about this restaurant is that they source ingredients from local businesses whenever possible!  Touche STAGE RESTAURANT for supporting local small businesses! 

(Directly from the menu at Stage Restaurant)


I'd highly recommend stopping in to try this new menu and bask in the ambiance of the sexy dining room!  Perfect for one person after a long day of work or a group of friends celebrating!  I leave completely satisfied and eager to return!  


Stage Restaurant 

1250 Kapiolani Boulevard

Honolulu, Hi  96814

Tel:  (808) 237-5429




Hours of Operation


Tuesday - Saturday

5:00pm - 8:30pm




Complimentary parking! 


Social Media


Instagram:  @stagerestaurant

Facebook:  /StageRestaurant 





















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