It's A Barking Good Time

(Photo Credit: Hawaii Doggie Bakery)

Manoa Valley isn't just a lush, beautiful's home to a bundle of small local businesses. One business has faced the test of time and celebrates their 20th anniversary this year. Stop by and say congratulations to Chamber of Commerce Hawaii member AND Small Business of the Month, HAWAII DOGGIE BAKERY.

Owners Niki and Tasha Libarios purchased the Hawaii Doggie Bakery in 2012 and hit the ground running. They opened a mobile bakery at first and visited many community events and farmer's markets before deciding it was time for a permanent storefront! Take a look below and see their space in beautiful Manoa that is just too cute for words!

When I stopped in, I got to meet with Niki Libarios (Co-Owner of Hawaii Doggie Bakery) and she not only told me all about this great company and their specialties, but she showed me each of them and why they were great for your pet!

These innovative owners aren't just packaging these canine snacks, they are creating experiences that you can definitely be a part of. Do you celebrate your dogs birthday? Why not order a freshly made cake to help that tail wag a little faster.

It shouldn't be surprising that these ladies take great pride in crafting tasty confections for your four legged friends! Speaking of surprises, take a look at their specialty "DOGGIE BENTO". . .

The dynamic duo creates freshly baked, healthy goodies with a variety of flavors. The Doggie Bento is filled with a combination of unique ingredients like honey, poi, beef, spinach, Okinawan sweet potato and more! What you won't be finding in their snacks are salt, sugar, butter or preservatives!

I adopted 2 dogs who were abandoned and I wouldn't dream of giving them food that was filled with unhealthy ingredients so it's refreshing to see a magnificent business that cares so much.

Not only is the Hawaii Doggie Bakery a small local business, but they also love to support other small local business owners! Inside the store, you'll find a bunch of business cards belonging to pet business owners in Hawaii.

If you're a dog owner and looking for a place to pick up delicious treats or looking to support a fellow small local business, look no further than Manoa and come see the Hawaii Doggie Bakery!

They will also be at the upcoming Hawaii Pet Expo on May 12 & 13 from 10am - 4pm!

Hawaii Doggie Bakery

2961C East Manoa Rd.

Honolulu, Hi 96822

Tel: (808) 783-7390

Instagram: @hawaiidoggiebakery

Facebook: /hawaiidoggiebakery

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday - Monday 10:00am - 6:00pm

(CLOSED on Tuesday)

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