New Mexico Green Chile is in Honolulu...

I've been a huge follower of "TIO'S TAMALES" on Instagram but I never found a moment to stop in and taste their New Mexican flavors. I'm ashamed of myself! Well, I might as well make it up by stopping in and getting blown away with every bite. Take a look and see what I found, I'm so glad I came...

I was parked on Nu'uanu Avenue for a meeting and upon returning to my car, I thought, "hey, I'm here already..." It was about 2:00pm and I checked to see what time Tio's Tamales closed, lucky for me I had enough time to order, chow down a little and take the rest home!

The restaurant is small and clean (a very important factor for me). The counter seating near the window is where I sat and it was perfect for taking food pictures with the natural light (ha, ha, ha).

I ordered one single "Chicken Tamal" and the "Carne Asada Papitas" (French Fries) which had carne asada steak, chile verde, cheese, and sour cream. When these came out, my mouth literally hit the floor. The tamal was delicious and I got a dipping sauce that combined the New Mexico Green Chile with cheese. The Carne Asada Papitas was HUGE, the serving was big enough to feed two people! It was outstanding!

After this fantastic first impression, I needed to come back to try their breakfast... I just didn't think it would be the next morning! I've heard talk about their breakfast burritos so I woke up with a craving and needed to have it in my life! Their breakfast is served from 7:00am - 10:30am, Tuesday - Saturday. The breakfast burritos can come handheld (like I ordered it) or SMOTHERED! That sounds like it would be handsomely fun so I'm saving it for my next trip over there. The burrito I ordered was the #3 or Chorizo, Egg, Potato, and Chile Verde. The size of the burrito was on point and the flavor was out of this world! I'd definitely come back to order it again!

Downtown people are lucky as they can just walk over here or place a phone order! Thankfully, there is metered parking on the street in front of the restaurant.

As someone who has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I'm familiar with the NEW MEXICO GREEN CHILE! Ray Mascarenas (Owner/Chef of "Tio's Tamales") has these GREEN CHILES flown into Honolulu so he can use them to flavor his dishes and give Honolulu residents a flavorful mouthful! This place is definitely worth checking out!


1329 Nuuanu Avenue

Honolulu, Hi 96817

Tel: (808) 531-8467

Instagram: @tiostamales5318467

Facebook: /tiostamales

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