It MUST Be Good, There's ALWAYS a line!

Waikiki is full of adventures and mouth watering establishments to visit when your stomach is growling. Now, some of the best ones are small, local businesses. Grab your napkin and tie your shoes, it's time to hit the streets of Waikiki to visit this RAMEN SHOP!

This small business is hidden right off of Kalakaua Avenue, near Fort Derussy, and right next to the infamous Hard Rock Cafe at 2146 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, Hi 96815.


RAMEN NAKAMURA is just what i needed on this blustery day in Waikiki. I've never been here before, but I've always wanted to try it as there's always a line out the door. Whether it's for lunch, 2nd lunch, 3rd lunch or dinner, people seem to love RAMEN NAKAMURA and keep coming back!

Parking has always been a big part as to why I didn't stop by in the past. But today, we scored street parking and decided to walk the streets of Waikiki to find small local businesses. As soon as we pulled into the stall, I charged down the street to find my ramen sanctuary! Lucky for me there was a full restaurant but no line outside!


From first glance, I expected small intimate tables inside but that's not what I got...but I was definitely ok with it!

We sat around in a bar-like seating. The very nice waitress was in the middle and she was able to service everyone while acknowledging people waiting at the door. Before we sat, I stood outside for a moment and noticed that this ramen shop has made their impression and apparently keeps growing! It's so nice to see so many awards and accolades posted on the window!


As my original craving was apparent, I didn't expect to want to order anything else. But of course that changed as I perused the menu. "WHAT? A COMBO?"

Anytime I see a combo on the menu, I instantly become interested to taste a "little bit of this and a little bit of that".

(Mini Ramen Combo: Mini Miso Ramen, Small Fried Rice, 3 Piece Gyoza for $ 13.90)

(Sun Noodles of course)

When it comes to judging a ramen, everyone has their own special way to determine whether they like the ramen or not. For me, I always judge it based on the noodles, the broth, and the toppings.

My first impression is that it looked like every other ramen BUT that opinion was clearly premature! The toppings were perfect...just enough! The broth is fantastic, not too salty or overly spiced up. The noodles were incredible!! I asked the waitress if they made the noodles, she said no. I made the safe assumption to ask if they were SUN NOODLES (another small (but growing) local business) as it was too perfect for words. She replied with a surprised face...YES! It's so nice to see small businesses supporting other small local businesses!

My lunch partner-in-crime had the dish featured at the very top, it was a "Cold Shoyu Ramen" and it was packed with flavor and colors!

Seating - Due to the table top seating, it's perfect for 2-3 people to get seated easily but coming with a large party may present a little wait. If you can break your party up in two's or three's that may make it easier to sit and eat!

Payment: CASH ONLY!

Ramen Nakamura

2146 Kalakaua Ave.

Honolulu, Hi 96815

Tel: (808) 922-7960

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