A MUST Find: Hidden Treat in Waikiki...

I decided to take a visit to Waikiki to patrol the streets in search of small local businesses. The weather was cooler than normal and I wanted nothing more than a big bowl of ramen but what I found along the way, changed the way my night would end.

What started as a hunt for RAMEN turned into a sweet surprise! Come see what I found when I stumbled upon "HENRY'S PLACE".

Located at 234 Beachwalk Avenue in Waikiki is a not really hidden, but not really out there type of convenient store! As you will notice by the small sign that will tell you where you're at, you gotta keep your eyes open to find this place! I can't tell you how many times I've walked down this street and passed this place without stopping. Today was a little different, I felt adventurous and decided to step in! I was so lucky I did!

This family owned and operated convenience store is more than just home to a few sandwiches and soft drinks...This small business is home to "REALICIOUS". You must be thinking, "what is realicious?" Well, lemme just show you!

(Corn Cheese Ice Cream)

If you haven't figured it out yet, "REALICIOUS" is Ice Cream and Sorbet. These two tasty treats are handmade for you using simple ingredients, but when used in the right measurements, the end result is simply delicious! Real Fruits plus Real Ingredients that create a REALLY delicious dessert.

As you gaze into the refrigerator, you can see the flavors handwritten on each cup. The left of the fridge is the ice cream while on the right is the sorbet. Now, as ice cream can melt, you don't want to leave the doors open so be sure you've made a decision on what you're grabbing before you pry them apart.

There were so many different flavors, I wanted to grab more than a few to take home with me but I had to calm down and just take a couple to sample! I chose the Ube Purple Yam, Strawberry Banana, and Corn Cheese Ice Cream. YES!! You heard it right CORN CHEESE!

I had to be honest, I had my doubts about this flavor but once I got home and tasted it. I was SOLD on it! If you dare to be a little adventurous, I'm sure you'll find a flavor that suits you just right! Don't forget, it's CASH ONLY!

Henry's Place

234 Beachwalk Ave.

Honolulu, Hi 96815

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Sunday 7:00am - 10:00pm

Tel: (808) 926-0213

Facebook: /henrysplacehi

Instagram: @henrysplacehi

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