Who's BUZZING around Nimitz Hwy?

If you've driven on Nimitz Highway, chances are your head turned as your eyes caught a glimpse of 'SHAKA BEE' surfing on a wave of honey. But, what you may not know is this small local business isn't just selling honey...

What A Sweet Deal...

"Hawaii's Local Buzz" is a small local business that was born on a farm in Na'alehu, Hawaii (the southern most point of the Big Island). More than 10 years later, this local business is still working hard to create scrumptious delights to share with the people of Hawaii and the world!

Paradise Meadows is the name of the farm and Hawaii's Local Buzz is the offspring of that magnificent creation.

Paradise Meadows sits on 75 acres of land on the Big Island on the way to 'Green Sand Beach' and 'South Point'. These lush, green acres of bountiful diversity is home to a variety of different plants and animals that breathe life into the property. From honey bees to an Aquaponic Greenhouse, Ka'u Coffee to Macadamia Nuts, Paradise Meadows is the perfect source to the mouthwatering products that you'll find on the shelves when you walk into HAWAII'S LOCAL BUZZ!

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Located in Honolulu at 321 Mokauea St. Honolulu, Hi 96819, is HAWAII'S LOCAL BUZZ. I've never stopped in before, but I've always been very curious as I anticipated it being a honey store! And of course, I was TOTALLY WRONG!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jan Au (General Manager of Hawaii's Local Buzz) at their retail store. From first meeting Jan, you can tell that she is extremely passionate about the company. You are able to see her wealth of knowledge as she explains each facet and flavor about the business.

Let's Talk Coffee...

Hawaii's Local Buzz's coffee is grown at high elevations in the Ka'u region of the Big Island. They have 3 different flavor profiles ranging from Dark Roast, Medium Roast, and Light Roast. Their award winning coffee is roasted in small batches (10lbs.) and is available in a variety of sizes.

This Is Just So Nuts...

Macadamia Nuts seem to be Hawaii's gift of choice for visitors returning home. They flock to find cute packaging, delectable flavors, and enticing stories behind the treats they can't help but purchase. So what's the difference between the nuts you buy now and the Macadamia Nuts from Hawaii's Local Buzz?

I was a little surprised when I learned that Hawaii's Local Buzz was the only company that dehydrates their nuts while most other companies will roast their mac nuts. I asked Jan, "so what's the big difference between roasting and dehydrating them?" She said, "try it and see for yourself"...

I sampled a few of the macadamias nuts and immediately noticed a difference. When you bite into the nut, you'll find they are crisp and kinda snap when you bite down versus just a roasted macadamia nut. The plain unsalted nuts have a buttery sweet, rich taste to them. This could be attributed to where they were grown. The Big Island is known for having rich volcanic soil which is ideal for growing macadamia nuts.

Hawaii's Local Buzz encourages you to come in and try the nuts as you need to taste what you're thinking of buying. They have a large selection of flavors to try, including a favorite of mine that tastes like bacon (but it's NOT bacon flavored).

(To me, this Sweet 'n Smoky gave me a bacon flavor as I chewed it. Not uncommon)

Not Your Average Cookie...

The Hawaii's Local Buzz's Shortbread Cookie is different than that of a traditional shortbread cookie. They use no egg but yet find a way to make it taste very flavorful and rich! It doesn't help that they have so many flavors to choose from...I know I'm gonna be here all day! (but that could be a good thing!) My personal favorite is the Pineapple Mac. Be sure to come in and taste these cookies to find your favorite!

Why Not Smother It In Chocolate...

If you're going to have Macadamia Nuts and Coffee, why not find a way to cover them in chocolate. In their kitchen on the Big Island, Hawaii's Local Buzz covers their dehydrated macadamia nuts and ground coffee beans with tasty chocolate to create sensationally sweet, savory, and decadent treats.

It All Started With The Honey...

Last but certainly not least is the HONEY! Hawaii's Local Buzz has a honey farm on Paradise Meadows. The honey is unfiltered, raw, and natural. I got to taste a few that had floral hints in them and another with a light Eucalyptus flavor. Some were very smooth and another had a grittier texture (my personal favorite). The "Creamed Lehua" had that grittier, natural and raw texture with a flavor that just blew me away!

What NOT to Miss...

When you stop in, be sure to take notice of the baskets at the front of the store. These gift baskets are ready-made and a perfect gift to give friends who are vacationing in the islands, family visiting for a few days, clients who close a deal with you, or the perfect raffle gift for your favorite charity. The gift baskets contain a variety of snacks in a variety of sizes.

That's All Folks...

Overall, I was very impressed with Hawaii's Local Buzz. Jan Au explained candidly their focus as a company and the importance of small batch production in every facet of their business. From the bottling of their honey to the dehydration of their macadamia nuts, this small business is all about great quality and outstanding flavors. "We love snacks" Jan said with a little giggle.

Well keep up the good work! Jan's focus is on helping to grow the business here in Honolulu. She has assisted with creating many wedding and business indulgences and looks forward to any events where you're looking to make an impression with your treats! Come stop in and try their variety of delightful treasures.

Thank you very much Jan for your time and the tour. I can't wait to see you at the many shows you do or I might just need to come back in for another coffee tasting!

Hawaii's Local Buzz

321 Mokauea St.

Honolulu, Hi 96819

Tel: (808) 371-1448


Instagram: @hawaiislocalbuzz

Facebook: /hawaiislocalbuzz

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