It's PI DAY: Any Way You Slice It

Growing up on this island wonderland, I've seen traditions passed down from generation to generation. Now, three generations later, this pie company is blending creations of the past with a new bowl of flavors, unique collaborations and daringly innovative marketing campaigns to keep everyone wanting more!

Aloha In Every Slice

For the month of March 2018, the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii & Elev8 Hawaii have collaborated to feature HAWAIIAN PIE COMPANY as the "Small Business Of The Month". What better day to say HAPPY PIE DAY on "PI DAY"!

Located at 508 Waiakamilo Rd. Honolulu, Hi 96817 is a pie company that wants you to come in and taste the love they bake in every pie!

When you first come in, you're greeted with the smell of fresh baked pies. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the pie case as you scan through every level looking for the right fit for you. Whether it be the 9 inch pie with butter crust or the mini pies that just requires a fork, decisions gotta be made! LOL

You'll notice that the signage above the case shows that FROZEN pies are also available to purchase. This is a fantastic part of their business as sometimes people don't intend to eat the pie immediately. The helpful staff at Hawaiian Pie Company is happy to explain the easy reheating process. (ps. when people see you pull it out of the looks like you just made it!)

Behind The Bakery Doors

It was very nice of the Hawaiian Pie Company to invite me to take a deeper look at the operation behind the doors! To be honest with you, it was nothing like I expected it to be.

Everything behind the scenes was so clean! As a child, I've watched my family make pies and it looked like a war zone of flour, dirty bowls and sugar scattered around the room. But, when I popped in at the Hawaiian Pie Company, I was very impressed at their organization, cleanliness and attention to detail.

I got to meet with Matt Spencer who wears so many hats, but as the manager for social media for the Hawaiian Pie Company, I knew I was meeting up with the right person!

Matt told me about all the hard work that the family puts into creating these mouth watering masterpieces. Three generations of family work within the bakery. This isn't a factory that's creating pies on an assembly line...this a family owned and operated, small local business in Hawaii that creates each and every pie by hand.

Grandpa Yasu

As the patriarch of the family, Grandpa Yasu is still coming into the bakery and creating stunning pies for the taste buds of visitors and the people of Hawaii.

Taking Off and Driving Forward

The Hawaiian Pie Company is a small business that is rich in experience and unique in flavor. Back in the 1980's, the family owned a small business based in Manoa Valley called "Holy's Bakery".

Now, in 2018, the Hawaiian Pie Company is heating up and they don't plan on stopping! If you have traveled with Hawaiian Airlines from Honolulu/Kona to Haneda, Japan or the South Pacific, you may have already sank your teeth into a Hawaiian Pie Company favorite! The local bakery is working with Hawaiian Airlines to provide tasty treats for their business class passengers.

Are you a COSTCO shopper? Don't miss out on purchasing a fresh frozen Hawaiian Pie Company treat in the freezer section.

Other locations to find the Hawaiian Pie Company are: Foodland, Foodland Farms, Sack-n-Save, Chefzone, and select Safeway locations.

If you are a movie goer, don't think you can't enjoy a tasty pie while watching a Hollywood blockbuster. That's right, the Hawaiian Pie Company also has mini pies available at Consolidated Theaters at Ward and Olino (Kapolei).

As today is PIE DAY or PI DAY, it's definitely the best time to swing by and grab yourself a treat to celebrate!

Hawaiian Pie Company

508 Waiakamilo Road

Honolulu, Hi 96817

Tel: (808) 988-7828

Instagram: @hawaiianpieco

Facebook: /hawaiianpieco

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Friday: 7am - 4pm

Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Sunday/Monday: CLOSED

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