On The Go Again: Maui Brewing Company

For those of us living on Oahu, taking trips to the outer islands means we get to fill up on the local favorites of that island. But 1 year ago, Maui came a little closer to us ... Just jump in the car, tie your shoes and head out on a brisk walk, uber/lyft, bribe a friend, or take a hop on the "Frank Fasi Express" (The Bus) and bring yourself down to Waikiki to enjoy a tasty helping of well created food and wash it down with handcrafted in Hawaii beer from the "Small Business Administration's (SBA) Small Business Persons of the Year's" successful "MAUI BREWING COMPANY"!

Award winning owners & husband and wife team, Garrett and Melanie Marrero have brought a piece of Maui to the island of Oahu. The Maui Brewing Company peaks over the guard rail above Kalakaua Avenue and delightfully delivers servings of their tasty local brews and a menu that's dominated by mainly locally sourced ingredients.

(If you're feeling snackish here's some starters)

(The Pizza choices are vast and I needed to try one)

(The brews are waiting for you)

(Salads and Poke bowls are available to you)

I wasn't starving but I knew that it was time to eat! After poppin' open the menu, I knew that the "Pork Belly Bao" (Waianae Pork, Kimchi Cucumber, house made Bao Buns, and plum sauce) was going to be a featured dish for me.

After speaking to the waitress, she convinced me to try a pizza. Which one? Well, none other than "The Brewmaster" (Kukui Spicy Sausage, pepperoni, roasted bell peppers, olives, and red sauce). The pizza is made in house from scratch and uses juuuuust a little bit of their signature Bikini Blonde beer.

The day wouldn't be complete unless we tried a few of their highly sought after brews...so...when in Rome, or in this case MAUI BREWING COMPANY!

(This beer isn't on the menu yet, but it's freakin' awesome! Try the "Sunshine Girl")

Speaking of beer menu...we were tipped that a few beers aren't on the menu yet, but you could definitely order them by name as they are on draft... If you feel like trying something new that most people wouldn't know about, why not ask a server and try a....

>> Party In The Dark

>> Mac Nut Brown

>> Night Diver

>> Xocoveza

>> 2 Tix to Paradise

>> Lilikoi Saison

>> Cider Lane

>> Sunshine Girl

I was astonished by the flavor, but I should've already known that incredible things come from incredible people.

Don't forget to take a look around as this brewing company has the space to pack em' in and from what I hear from their popularity, it gets busy!

(Enter from the staircase or elevator)

(As you first enter, you can see it's BIG!)

(The draft beer is in complete abundance)

(Yep, that's the longest bar top that I've seen!)

(Just to the side of the bar is a few taller tables and chair to be close to the bar but not on the bar)

(The far side of the restaurant has another huge dining room area that offers seating outside)

(A hidden lounge area is perfect for friends to casually gather and chat)

So if you're in Waikiki and want to support a small local business that is growing and touching the palettes of many visitors and locals alike, swing by MAUI BREWING COMPANY...and bring your friends....then you'll only have one final decision....

Who will eat the last bite? LOL


Maui Brewing Company

Holiday Inn Resort Waikiki Beachcomber

2300 Kalakaua Avenue

Honolulu, Hi 96815

Tel: (808) 843 - BREW (2739)

Email: Maui Brewing Company

Web: www.mbcrestaurants.com/waikiki

Social Media:

Instagram: @mauibrewingco

Facebook: /mauibrewingco

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