On The Go Again: Local Joe

After a long night of work, waking up to have a cup of coffee was the first thing on my mind. Unfortunately, going to the store to pick up coffee would also be considered a top priority...that I failed to complete! But, thank goodness for LOCAL JOE as I set my sights on coming in for hot cup of coffee!

Talk about a killer branding experience! This was amazing. Although I was deathly tired, this brought a huge smile to my face!

Charles Asselbaye is the owner of LOCAL JOE in downtown Honolulu at 110 Marin St. Honolulu, Hi 96817. Charles and I have been Instagram buddies for a while now. I love his posts and different designs of branding that's placed on the lattes. This was our first time meeting and it was AWESOME. He's a great guy and full of passion for the cup of joe!

Charles caught my attention as he told me that he's a huge small business supporter as well. Small business supporting small business... THAT's INCREDIBLE! I love seeing collaborations among our business owners in the local community .

LOCAL JOE is definitely worth stopping in to grab your first, second, or third cup! This small business is located on Marin street in chinatown. Parking can be found on the side streets and they are metered but you can use a Visa or Mastercard if your coins aren't bountiful.

(Marin Street. Murphy's bar is located at the end)

Come down and grab a cup of coffee with Charles and the other friendly coffee artists at LOCAL JOE!

Local Joe

110 Marin Street

Honolulu, Hi 96817

Tel: (808) 536-7700

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 6:30am - 5:00pm

Saturdary 8:00am - 1:00pm

Website: www.localjoehi.com

Instagram: @localjoehi

Facebook: Local Joe

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Who are you looking for?

Can't find them on our showcase?  Well, let us know!  We love small business and would love to know who you're looking for so we could see about getting them FEATURED!

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