Hiking Can Get You Hungry

When I first stepped foot into this hiker's haven, I was a little intimidated. First of all, I'm by no means an avid hiker and I certainly haven't strolled the hill sides of Hawaii with a group of friends anytime recently. But once I entered this little cafe (well not so little), I realized that I was fooled by my own misperceptions.

Positioned next to the valet in the DoubleTree Hilton Alana Waikiki Beach, is a cafe that would be certainly worth 'hiking' to find in Waikiki. The Hiking Hawaii Cafe is located at 1956 Ala Moana Blvd. Honolulu, Hi 96815.

Here's the BETA:

For those who may remember Hiking Hawaii Cafe's old location, this new location is just a few paces down the street from their previous smaller spot at Canterbury Condominiums...just follow the herd path.

As many of us knew, parking was always a situation while planning to visit the old location BUT now you are able to VALET park for FREE when coming to dine at Hiking Hawaii Cafe!

(As you can see valet is very easy as it's right off Ala Moana Blvd.)

(You don't need to travel upstairs at the cafe is located to the left of the escalators)

Now that we addressed the ever-so-needed parking question. Let's see what's happening inside of the cafe!

(Smoothies, juices, and drinks menu)

(Breakfast, Burriots, Sandwiches, Wraps, Pizzas, and Salads)

For more information about their menu CLICK HERE

WOW! Totally not what I expected! When I stepped into the cafe, I was immediately greeted with a gush of air conditioning (comfort is very important to me). I looked around the room and my eyes kept gazing in wonderment. The colors were very nice and cool earth tones. They offered a variety of different seating arrangements which really surprised me as many establishments just organize tables on the floor. Here you'll find a table for two with padded chairs, just a standard table and bench for two or 3, an interesting corner table, 2 booths to fit 4-6 people, a high top counter with a few bar stools, and a cozy corner with a few slipper chairs to make for casual lounging or conversation.

Now, it's a very adorable cafe but don't sit down and wait for a server as you need to go to the counter to place your order. In my opinion, this was a brilliant idea as this casual dining cafe didn't have a lot of people walking around the floor. You came in, placed your order and grabbed a table to feast at. The friendly and helpful staff brought your happy helpings to your table.

(Local Kombucha SKY KOMBUCHA ready to serve on tap)

(Lots of locally made pastries ready for your enjoyment)

So a very good friend of mine told me about the SPANISH PANINI SANDWICH (Guava jelly, Brie Cheese, Prosciutto, and Salami), she's a regular at the Hiking Hawaii Cafe and was very persistent about me ordering this.

I was extremely happy with the flavors as they meshed very well. I would've however loved to see some greens (Arugula would be perfect) in the middle to add a crunch. But overall, holy shamoly! Very, very well created!

We also order the HAM AND CHEESE (Ham, Swiss, Apples, Honey mustard). Two panini's that both offered great flavors combining the salt of the meat with the sweetness of either the honey mustard or guava jelly complemented the overall crunch of the grilled panini.

To wash down these tasty delights, we tried the HAWAIIAN JUICE (Pineapple, cucumber, spinach, apple, mint).

The other drink we tried was the CUCUMBER LEMONADE (Cucumbers, lemon, basil, mint). It was so refreshing and lip smacking!

What would a hiking cafe be without HIKING! The Hiking Hawaii Cafe offers a few hiking tours that you could conveniently read more about on their website but they also offer information at the front of their entrance if you're looking to browse hikes while dining. Be sure to grab them!

So now you've seen what this small local business has in store for you, stop by and try them out! Here's their contact information, be sure to follow them on social media and check out their website... but before I go let me give you their information!

Thank you for supporting small local businesses and if you know someone who likes to hike, eat, or support local businesses, PLEASE share this post with them!

"Aloha and Mahalo! Til we EAT again! "

Hiking Hawaii Cafe

1956 Ala Moana Blvd.

Honolulu, Hi 96815

Tel: (808) 445-1717


Email: HikingHawaii@yahoo.com

Instagram: @hikinghawaiicafe

Facebook: /hikinghawaiicafe

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