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Growing up in Hawaii, my parents always told me that a smart investment would be in real estate. I can hear my mother telling me, "buy land, buy land, buy land"... of course that would've been great advice if I listened, but then again, it also would've helped having a search tool like that of "OAHURE.COM".

Oahure.com is more than just a real estate website, it's a search tool that allows you to browse, research, and plan your way into making a smart purchase or sale.

Bryn Kaufmann is the Principal Broker, Realtor, and Web Designer/Programmer for Oahure.com. With all those titles, I didn't think I'd have an opportunity to speak with him as I assumed he'd be immensely busy. But, to my pleasant surprise, after I emailed him, he immediately got back with me.

Where did it all begin?

"From January 1985 through September 2000, I was the Founder, Chairman, and CTO of CMPEpress. I put together a great team that grew CMPExpress to $ 70 million in sales with 150 people. We raised $ 4 million in Venture Capital and were acquired by a public company in September of 2000.

At CMPExpress one of the things I was most proud of was our customer service. We received literally thousands of unsolicited written compliments from our customers. I bring this same level of customer service to you for your Real Estate transactions."

-Bryn Kaufmann-

I know about OAHURE.COM as "back in the day", I was a licensed realtor in Hawaii. It always frustrated me as I wanted to search for homes based on certain criteria that didn't appear to be available. After a disappointing week of search, I discovered Oahure.com and Bryn Kaufmann. Now, years later, OAHURE.com is still going strong and earning the trust of their customers.

Bryn says "I am always looking for ways to improve Oahure.com. I personally do all the development and updating of Oahure.com and this allows me to quickly make improvements. This speed gives me an advantage over the large Brokerage's websites as their development time is much longer and they do not make frequent improvements. My goal for Oahure.com is to make it the best resource for Oahu Real Estate".

So I'll be the first to admit that I search for homes/condos about 5-7 times per week using Bryn Kaufmann's incredible search site and I also help friends looking for rental properties. From speaking with Bryn, you could tell he's very mindful about the design of the site. He wants to make sure all the pieces come together to help you form a beautiful real estate search.

If you are mobile, you could also use a section of the site called a Mobile Location Search. Now, this is very fun for me as I'm all over the island and when I take a moment to break for lunch, I like to see what real estate is available in that area.

What can I expect to receive when contacting Bryn and his team?

Talk about clear communication... Bryn has organized a wealth of information from both a buyer's standpoint and a seller's standpoint. Take a look (AND CLICK) below and see for yourself!

Are you looking to purchase a home?

---> Click Here <---

Are you looking to sell a home?

---> Click Here <---

It was such a pleasure to speak with Mr. Kaufmann after using his site for a multitude of searches spanning years on end. He is a very knowledgeable man, who has a passion for real estate in Hawaii. With that being said, he's just recently expanded his reach to conducting business on the big island of Hawaii and Kauai. Take a look at www.hawaiirealestate.house

If you're looking for a rental property, thinking of selling a home or purchasing a home, be sure to take a look at Oahure.com and expand your exploration. Bryn Kaufmann is an entrepreneur, broker, web developer and a family man who wants nothing more than to help people in Hawaii receive the information they are looking for when searching for home.

Be sure to share this article with anyone you know that's looking to purchase/sell a home as Oahure.com might be the right fit!


Bryn Kaufmann


Tel: (808) 254-0787

Email: brynk@oahure.com

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