On The Go Again: Honolulu Chocolate Company

I'm normally a shopaholic, but pulling into the Ward Center parking lot today, filled me with a lot of memories of my childhood. Today I came to say a fond ALOHA to the Honolulu Chocolate Company at Ward Center.

For over 30 years, this chocolate workshop has brought matchless creations to the people and visitors of Hawaii. I can remember visiting as a child and hoping my parents allowed me to choose whatever I wanted. I remember hearing the stories of how the chocolate indulgences were created in the back of the store and laid out in front for customers to choose their favorites.

Now, the Honolulu Chocolate Company will still have their location within the Sheraton Waikiki, but they will no longer have a kitchen to make their specialty pieces! (Hopefully that changes...)

With that being said...on Friday, February 23, 2018 at 9pm, the doors to the Honolulu Chocolate Company at Ward Center will open for the last time. You definitely should come by and say your final goodbye and grab as much chocolate that you can...and take a lot photos!

(Stock up on the chocolate you can't get again)

(Me and Marina Del Rey taking our final selfies in the store)

(Chic and regal bags to store your treasure that you purchase)

(Cookies to give away as gifts)

(Lots of packaged snacks for purchase)

(Jordin Almonds to go)

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