Bailey's Antiques and Aloha Shirts...

"Don't stop til you get enough..." With Michael Jackson's song echoing in my head, I grabbed the door handle and let myself into this wonderland of Aloha wear! The song was definitely well placed as with these unique shirts, it seems that you just can't get enough. Welcome to Bailey's Antique and Aloha Shirts!

(The notorious pink with teal trim can be seen from within 100 yards on Kapahulu Ave.)

Now, this small local business has been in operation since 1980 on Kapahulu Avenue (on the outskirt of Waikiki) and it continues to's inventory that is! David Bailey is the owner of this fine establishment of Aloha and he welcomes you in to find the right shirt that calls to you!

Shirts as far as your eye can see! Different sizes, colors, brands, age of the shirts and textiles can all be found in this local showroom. If you come through, you'd also be able to see photos of all the famous actors, actresses, chefs, singers, politicians, dancers, rappers, and much, much more that have graced their way into the shop to vintage shop themselves happy!

People have come from all over the world to stop in and grab a shirt or two or three from Bailey's Antique and Aloha Shirts! And each time they return to the 808 state, this is a MUST-STOP on their list. Take a look below at a few styles that I found while perusing through the 15,000 shirts...and there's still more on the way!

Many of these styles are limited so if you see it while you're in the store, you best pick it up! Here you'd be able to find new, used, vintage (1970's, 60's, 30's - 50's) and specialty (Tommy Bahama, Sig Zane, Jams World, and Reyn name a few).

(Jadeite cups and little plates)

Be sure not to forget that they also have antique merchandise to browse through as well. I almost missed these Jadeite tea cups.

Thanks for tuning in as I adventure to support small local businesses. Please help spread the love by sharing this post with friends who also support small businesses in Hawaii!

Stay tuned there's so much more to come!

Bailey's Antiques and Aloha Shirts

517 Kapahulu Ave.

Honolulu, Hi 96815



Hours of Operation:

Monday - Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm

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Who are you looking for?

Can't find them on our showcase?  Well, let us know!  We love small business and would love to know who you're looking for so we could see about getting them FEATURED!

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