ELEV8 Las Vegas - DONUT miss this one!

Hey everyone,

If you haven't heard already, ELEV8 HAWAII is in the planning stages of expanding to LAS VEGAS, NEVADA! Why? Why not? So many friends and family have moved up to Las Vegas...it's sometimes called the "9th Island". There is a large community of Hawaii residents living here AND what better community to start our expansion than LAS VEGAS!!!

I'm so excited to explore this city as I have met so many small business owners who are passionate, creative, and working hard to make their business successful!

There will me more information coming out soon so please stay tuned!

But, today we visited a bakery called "RONALD'S DONUTS". Located at 4600 Spring Mountain Rd., Henderson, NV 89102 (Tel: 702-873-1032), this donut shop isn't just a typical donut shop but they offer VEGAN donuts on the top two rows (in the shop glass donut case). This shop is definitely a place to stop at for your morning pastry with coffee!

When I first opened the box, the crowd around me was amazed! Oooh's and ahhh's circulated throughout the room...THEN I pointed out that a majority of the donuts that were present and accounted for were VEGAN!

I watched as people's eyes lit up with amazement, then as they bit into each donut, they sighed with satisfaction! Oh we certainly will be coming back!

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Who are you looking for?

Can't find them on our showcase?  Well, let us know!  We love small business and would love to know who you're looking for so we could see about getting them FEATURED!

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