A Rewarding Adventure In Kailua

After a long weekend of supporting small local businesses in Waikiki, I decided to take a smooth joy ride around the island. Started on the east side of Oahu, made our way around through Waimanalo and ended our journey in the beautiful city of Kailua, where we rushed into a small local business that provides Kailua with homemade ice cream dreams.

KAILUA ICE CREAM is located at 418 Kuulei Rd. Kailua, Hi 96734 . They are open Monday - Thursday from 3pm - 8pm and Friday - Sunday from 2:30pm - 8:30pm.

When you pop in, you're immediately greeted with a cool sensation that encourages you to come deeper and explore the wonderful world of homemade ice cream. Take a peek in the ice cream cooler and let your taste buds guide you to sample the ones that make your eyes pop open when you say their name! "Did someone say WAIMANALO GINGER?"

When I tasted this flavor, I was excepting to be confused as to why anyone would create a WAIMANALO GINGER ice cream flavor...but instead, I found myself ordering a scoop to enjoy immediately! It was incredible!

So being that I have many friends who are VEGAN, I asked about a flavor that caught me by surprise... NON-DAIRY OREO (Made with Coconut Milk). As a non-vegan ice cream eater, imagine my surprise as I sat there enjoying this scoop while contemplating asking for a TO-GO cup to take another one home for later this evening! We actually made 2 good choices today!

We also discovered that if you want to be lazy and just relax at home while watching the latest NETFLIX movie to launch, just pick up your phone and connect with UBER EATS as they can deliver some KAILUA ICE CREAM to you.

We just wanted to extend a BIG MAHALO to everyone at Kailua Ice Cream for their hospitality and delectable treats! We can't wait to come back!

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