A Ramen Bistro You Can't Pass Up

My friend and I were craving for lunch and with so many options throughout Honolulu, we were left a little lost. I was craving something savory and mouth watering but I needed to be aware that my friend has a few dietary restrictions as well. Hmmmm, we were in the Ward Avenue area and "JUNPUU" popped in my head!

JUNPUU is located at 1010 South King St. Ste. 108, Honolulu, Hi 96814 . They are open Sunday - Saturday from 11:00am - 9:00pm. Tel: (808) 260-1901. Web: www.junpuuhawaii.com.

As a small, local business serving up RAMEN and other tasty treats, one could always rest assured that you'd get a dish worth instagramming!

As a casual and cool restaurant that serves up homemade, creatively crafted ramen dishes, you should certainly come with an appetite. From the small dishes to the main bowl, my mouth was just exploding with happiness. This bistro located across from the Neil S. Blaisdell Center is perfectly located and offers ample parking along the street (coin metered) or in the back of the building.

Their outdoor seating area is beautiful for those looking to stretch their eyes and get some air.


As starving as I was, I ordered two salad sides to go along with my meal...and I'm so glad that I did! (especially the TanTan Salad)

(Potato Salad mixed with grilled bacon, onion and cucumber)

(TanTan Salad. Bean sprouts, cucumber, spring mix, with spicy sesame dressing and spicy ground pork)

(Miso Ramen. w/ 2 pieces of char-siu, onion mix and bamboo shoot)

So Many Options To Choose From

I LOVE having choices when I go out to eat. One unique option was having the ability to adjust the spice level of the broth in your ramen. Traditionally, we can choose between mild, spicy and HOT, but at JunPuu you can choose a spice level up to x30 for FREE. Then from that point you can add x50 for $1, x70 for $2, and x100 for $3. I needed to know if people ordered the x100 and sure enough, people DO! So if you're a spicy food lover come take a look at this RAMEN selection!

Choosing your spice level isn't the only thing to select from while at JunPuu. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you too can enjoy these blessings in a bowl!

As a vegan, my friend sometimes finds it challenging to create her own meal but after reading this menu, a big glimmer of hope and wonder took over her face! She was able to choose "Gluten Free Vegan Noodles" (for an additional charge) to put into her "Vegetarian Tomato Ramen" or "Vegetarian TanTan Men" and it was just so delightful that the restaurant considered having this option.


I was very impressed with JunPuu. They are a great small local business that really takes into consideration what their customers will enjoy! The lunch was fantastic and the customer service was great!

Our server told us about their special on Monday that is supposed to be out of this world....

"Come and take advantage of our early week specials. On Mondays, we make a special dish, such as oxtail ramen and oxtail soup with rice. When the special is gone, that is it until the next week. Generally, we run out on Tuesday, so come early to avoid disappointment." - www.junpuuhawaii.com

Well, I guess we have yet another reason to come back soon! A BIG MAHALO goes out to everyone at JUNPUU who was so forthcoming with information about their menu. We really appreciate the great service and can't wait to come back again!

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