Ice Cream Just Got CRAZY...

Delete what you think you know about ICE CREAM. In today's world, everyone is

looking for excitement, flavor and....what will help get their photo to go "viral" using their social media.

Located in a little business community around the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus is a small, local business that is setting Instagram photos on fire! This business took over the location of a previous local ice cream business... Come stop in and support CREAM N' ROLL.

I was invited by friends to come visit about a month ago but got caught up with supporting small local businesses on Oahu that when night fell, I was buried in my couch so I didn't ever get a chance to stop in! BUT. THAT. HAS. CHANGED!

We ventured out tonight specifically to come and taste all the hype from CREAM N' ROLL. I've seen photos on social media and saw all the smiling faces but it was time for me to try it for myself!

First off, I love their hours of operation. Open at lunch time for those with a sweet tooth and close after 10:00pm for those needing a late night snack!

While standing in the line waiting to order my masterpiece of flavor, I couldn't help but watch as the operation flowed so smoothly. Never have i seen an ice cream-shop-assembly-line artistically decorating and crafting desserts that were THIS appealing to the eye.

It was almost my turn and I had to decide. Now, the base flavor is what you will start with. I know most of us go in and gaze through a glass at tubs of ice cream already flavored for your mouth watering consumption.... but, THIS PLACE is different. You choose a base and create your own custom flavor by using mixers. I chose the MILK TEA base with the GOING BANANAS (Bananas & Nutella) mixer. Then, I chose the toppings (Coco Krispies and Toasted Marshmallows) and drizzles to complete my line up!

Some people (like myself) are very visual. You've heard my order, now lemme SHOW it to you!

Started with my lonely NUTELLA and chopped up bananas.

Followed up with my MILK TEA... then the fun begins... The plate where all this construction takes place is FREEZING. When the base is added, the ice cream creation begins!


I brought friends so I could try A LOT more! CREAM N' ROLL has this Waffle Roll Taco that just took my breath away!

Now, don't be afraid! This ice cream is YOUR creation so you can customize it the way you want. A friend didn't want too much chocolate but wanted a delicious treat and so they made it THEIR way.

They ordered ... MILK TEA base, BLACK SESAME mixer with mochi balls and fresh strawberries! You can do no wrong!

Our night was stellar and we're so glad to FINALLY stop by and taste the flavor of those photos we've been stalking on social media! hahaha


1010 University Ave.

Honolulu, HI 96826


Instagram: @creamnroll

Facebook: /creamnrollhawaii

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