Dare You To Take A Bite...

"WHAT IS THAT?" - Many of you may be wondering what's going on here? But let me be the first to tell you that you WANT to be included!

My most recent Maui trip was a trip that I planned about 1 year ago! It all stemmed from one single message from a small business owner in Makawao, Maui. We traded 'likes' and positive small talk via Instagram but it wasn't until we private messaged each other that I KNEW a visit to Maui was needed. This young entrepreneur told me about her business, aspirations and a plan to get to the next level. It was this dedication and perseverance that had me watching her! It's my great pleasure to introduce you to "CYMZ SWEET KRE8TIONZ".

"CYMZ SWEET KRE8TIONZ" is owned and operated by Cymbree Kailiehu. This local Maui girl takes to the kitchen like a fish to water and she doesn't just stop there. She personally bakes everything you eat, she's the brain behind social media posts, she works special events to cater, and she's also the fiance of hardworking Glen Fevella (also known as the delivery driver, lunch picker-upper-guy, and taste tester!).

I had the pleasure of finally sitting down to meet with Cymz after almost an entire year of trading messages. It was such a surreal moment for me as she has not only been patient but always tempting me with messages like "I'll make you something special", and BOY DID SHE!

From the moment I got off the plane at Kahului Airport, I knew that I would have to watch what I ate as this day was coming! She brought over 3 flavors of her top selling shotz! The "Guava Cheesecake", "Matchacha" (Green Tea flavored) and the NOTORIOUS "PURPZSHOTZ". This magnificent pastry is straight up delicious evilness! It's UBE in the middle with a chantilly cream on the top and a ube crumble on the top. I had to really resist eating all of them during our meeting as the first bite was fantastically delightful.

Now for everyone reading this, CYMZ SWEET KRE8TIONZ can only be purchased on Maui (for now). She is currently looking into opportunities to bring her tasty creations to everyone across the state but don't be afraid to add her on your Instagram or Facebook (information listed below) as she is certainly a entrepreneur to keep your eyes on.

As a very talented and intelligent businesswoman, Cymbree is taking her time and really investigating the businesses that she has her product line within. She's mindful of how much time and effort it takes to create these treats and will partner with other businesses that take pride in their products as well. She's currently partnered with a few small businesses on Maui who carry her line and there's more in the works! I'm crossing my fingers that she can find a way to get it to Oahu.


- Island Grocery Depot (Kahului)

- Pukalani Superette (Pukalani)

- Tj's Warehouse (Wailuku)

- Tamura's Express (Wailuku)

- Tamura's Fine Wine (Kahului)

- AH Fooks (Kahului)

Before we left, Cymbree reached out and handed this for me to try. At first, I tried to resist it (as it was 10am) but someone took a bite and after peering into the cup, I knew there was no sense in holding back. The "CYMTILLY CAKE CUP" will certainly go down on my list as a item to eat again. It's UBE! The overall taste is light and not overpoweringly sweet but it also has just the right amount of chantilly to bring all the flavors together.

(photo by Cymz Sweet Kre8tionz)

(As you can tell, it puts a smile on your face!)

My Final Thoughts

Cymbree Kailiehu and CYMZ SWEET KRE8TIONZ, it was such a pleasure to meet you (finally) and try your world class creations...or should I say "KRE8TIONZ".

I find myself telling people more and more that when you are a business, although you have a great product, your personality and ambition can certainly motivate a customer to become your longtime small business supporter. Cymz has a fun loving personality and she genuinely adores baking up mouth watering treats for visitors and locals alike. She has an active following on her Instagram and I feel like everyone following her is sitting with anticipation to see what she comes up with next.

Cymz told me that she hopes to open a small boutique bakery in the near future but the timing got to be right. She has dozens of recipes that she just can't wait to share. Please keep supporting her business as I feel that sometime soon you will be able to taste her goodies right in her very own store!

Contact Information

Cymz Sweet Kre8tionz

Tel: (808) 250-3070



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