Breaking Down Those Icy Walls...

Forget about what you may think a shave ice should be. The island of Maui has a small local business that's changing the way we look at SHAVE ICE. Make your way to Lahaina and grab a good helping of BREAKWALL SHAVE ICE.

Living in Hawaii, we have grown accustomed to WANTING shave ice on a hot day (which luckily for us is 365 days out of the year). After going to the beach to soak in that vitamin D and splash around in the beautiful Hawaiian waters, what better way to end the day than with a mountainous helping of shaved down ice in a cone with a array of flavors that could leave you standing at the counter til long after the sun goes down trying to make a decision.

The city of Lahaina, Maui is filled with a colorful history that dates back to the 1800's. As a fisherman's paradise, this old whaler's village is still filled with old buildings that could tell a story if they could speak. This exciting city located on the west side of the isle of Maui, proudly hosts over 80% of the the entire island's visitors.

The most popular street in Lahaina is called "Front Street". Here you will find a tremendous serving of small local businesses from restaurants, coffee cafes, boutique art galleries, specialty clothing stores and fruit stands. But I found that sometimes you need to view places closer than from just the street...that's where I found BREAKWALL SHAVE ICE!

Located on FRONT STREET, this small local business has the perfect spot right next to it's sister company and yet another local favorite, "Down The Hatch". Just take a few steps down the stairs and let your journey begin.

We stopped in at the most ideal time. HAPPY HOUR!!! Who doesn't like a good happy hour? From 2pm - 6pm, you could get a ADULT SHAVE ICE (21+ and you have to eat it in their area.... THIS AIN'T LAS VEGAS) for $ 5.00.

This tasty Adult Shave Ice is shave ice with a kick! Mai Tais, Daiquiris, Mudslides, Margaritas and Pina Colodas...perfect additions to long days in the sun! People lined up before 2pm to get at these icy dreams and quite frankly, I don't blame them.

At first, I wasn't sold on how it would taste but after watching people's faces after taking their first bite, I was anxious to get my own!

We decided to share one and the classic MAI TAI took the stage!

WOW! If I wasn't a believer, I AM NOW! This cocktail in an icy cone hit my taste buds with a delivery of "Oooohs and Ahhhhs". It was refreshing, full of flavor and very unique. By the way, the creamy snow cap is a must for me! But be sure to take a look at the other goodies to place at the bottom of your cup to increase your excitement.

Feel free to choose the size that you'd like to enjoy as they vary from kids size to small to large to MASSIVE! It's nice to have choices... Speaking of choices, BREAKWALL SHAVE ICE also has an abundance of other choices on the menu.

I'm determined to go back to try their Acai Bowl. I don't know about everyone else, but where ever I go, I like to sit on the counter to watch people. I avidly listened as the young ladies gave incredible customer service to people and watched as they created these acai bowl masterpieces one fruit at a time. Everything was made once you ordered it. Each bowl was meticulously crafted with ease and beautifully displayed for your Instagram feed!


Now speaking of Instagram, "Down The Hatch" and "Breakwall Shave Ice" have WIFI available for their customers to use! That's so smart! Maybe it's so people like me can post food and ADULT SHAVE ICE photos all day long!

My Final Thoughts

Breakwall Shave Ice Co. was just a pleasure to visit. The ADULT SHAVE ICE is definitely a big draw (especially for $ 5.00 during HAPPY HOUR). It's located in the exciting city of Lahaina on a street who's name is well recognized throughout Hawaii. A parking lot is available nearby so don't fret circling the roads (been there, done that...then we found the lot). Along the way to support this small local business, don't hesitate to participate in some retail therapy at other local vendors!

I will certainly recommend visiting this hot spot and I will definitely be back to try more! Located below is their social media and contact information. Please add them and stay in touch with what happening at BREAKWALL SHAVE ICE. (ps. if you add them, I'm sure you'll find a famous recent visitor on their feed that had a splendid time as well).

A BIG MAHALO to Breakwall Shave Ice Co. and Down The Hatch in Lahaina!


Breakwall Shave Ice Co.

658 Front St.

Lahaina, Hi 96761


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