This SHORTbread Has A LONG Journey Ahead!

If you thought that shortbread cookies were a thing of the past, you're certainly in for a SWEET surprise! Heidi Cramer (Owner of Maui Sweet Cakes) has been stirring up melt-in-your mouth delicious goodies from the kitchen for well over a lifetime.

She started a bakery in Paia, Maui called CAKEWALK BAKERY from 2001 - 2010. Heidi then opened a new bakery called MAUI SWEET CAKES and specialized in making custom, handmade cakes but she still felt like she was missing her mark of creating small sweet treats. Then, like a bolt of lightning, she got the idea to create small packaged cookies much like her favorite from her childhood...Shortbread!

The time came for Heidi to strap on her apron, heat up the oven and pour her tasty imagination onto a baking tray. Hence, how "MAUI SWEET CAKES" began to take off!

I visited the FOODLAND FARMS in the Ala Moana Shopping Center and perused across a container of shortbread cookies. The design on the container was simple, cute, colorful and attractive, everything you need to encourage a customer to reach out and try it! After I took a container home, I decided to try it late at night with a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream. Perfection! It made me get out of my love seat while watching "The Matrix Revolutions" to grab my phone and do more research on MAUI SWEET CAKES! That's when I reached out to contact Heidi Cramer!

If you're like me, you're probably wondering... "Why haven't I heard about this?", "I've never seen her bakery". Well, that's because MAUI SWEET CAKES is a wholesale/mail order bakery who is making cookies for other businesses to sell in their establishments or handmade for delivery direct to your home!

Now, Maui Sweet Cakes isn't just in retail establishments. Many of Heidi's products can be found at hotels, company parties, and a variety of private events.

In my honest opinion, Heidi Cramer is a brilliant woman who is focused, determined, and capable of taking this small local business to the next level. You must be thinking, "what would that be?" Well, Heidi is certainly expanding her cookies' reach as they find their ways to stores across the islands but Heidi is also thinking of opening a small local boutique in Maui (to start) that will be featuring an array of desserts recipes that she has tucked away awaiting the perfect moment! She is definitely a business owner to watch!


"Maui Sweet Cakes’ mission is to offer the sweetest tasting cookies, brownies and special events cakes! We start with pure butter, flour, sugar and eggs, then add the best quality cocoa powder, locally grown fruits and vanilla beans to create our modern interpretation of sweet classics. All our products are made by hand, with love, in our local Maui kitchen. Please enjoy!"

Definitely do yourself a FLAVOR and pick up a box of her shortbread cookies. My personal favorites were the Ginger Spice or the Lilikoi Shortbread Cookies.

If you live on Oahu, stay tuned to Elev8 Hawaii's EVENTS page as Heidi and MAUI SWEET CAKES shall be at the Made in Hawaii Festival (a 3 day event trade show) on August 18 - 20, 2017 at the Blaisdell Arena.

My Final Thoughts...

Mahalo to Heidi for a chance to sit down for coffee and to hear about her amazing adventures! I'm so happy to call you friend and I can't wait to see your products featured at other locations island-wide!

Be sure to contact her if you're looking for a flashback tasty shortbread treat, handmade on the island of Maui, delivered directly to you!

For more information about MAUI SWEET CAKES, see below!

Maui Sweet Cakes

Tel: (808) 385-6202



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