Nothing General About This Store!

For a little over a year, I've been following this strategically placed, small local business, and I've been dying to get here. When I saw a post from them (while I was on Oahu), I read every detail to see what they were sharing with the rest of the local community. I'll admit it, sometimes my heart was crushed when I saw a delectable dish and knowing that the Kaiwi Channel separated me from having it!

BUT NOT ANYMORE! With my recent trip to visit the bountiful island of Maui, my itinerary was set, and MA'ALAEA GENERAL STORE was certainly on it!

From what I know of Ma'alaea, it is a small community that has a small boat harbor along with neighbors like the Maui Ocean Center. This is the perfect spot for a general store like Ma'alaea General Store. But don't be deceived by the name, although you are able to purchase breakfast goods like cereal, milk, bread and an abundance of other household supplies, Ma'alaea General Store also has a kitchen that is cooking up some tasty treats for breakfast and lunch!

I normally would preview the menu online, but I wanted to feel the anxious anticipation like other customers who drop in for a bite to eat. The menu was clearly displayed above the refrigerators with options that just had me salivating. At first, I started with a cafe latte and gave myself another minute to peruse my item of choice. THEN IT HAPPENED, I saw my future!

Not only is Ma'alaea General Store a fantastic place to dine for breakfast, lunch and coffee, but they also Support Small Local Businesses. I was delighted to see DONUT DYNAMITE! for sale in the case right next to the register. It was only 8:30am but hey, I'm on vacation!!


So I chose to order the ENGLISH MUFFIN SANDWICH (Fried eggs, on top of a sandwich size English Muffin with Black Forest Ham and Vermont Cheddar Cheese). From the first bite I was satisfied! Being my first time, I didn't really go crazy ordering from the menu as I wanted to test it out with something I'm more familiar with. Needless to say, it was prepared fantastically!

My traveling partner wanted to be a bit more adventurous and tried the SPICY AVOCADO TOAST (2 slices of country wheat toast, Avocado, Pico De Gallo, 2 Hard Boiled Eggs, topped with fresh cracked pepper and red pepper flakes). YOWZA! He told me that it was so tasty he wanted to order another one to eat in the car as we drive around.

While enjoying our breakfast, I couldn't help but look around and saw how nice and comfortable the entire store (both inside and out) looked.

After eating (I will not confirm nor deny devouring the donut at this point), I asked the young lady about who ran their social media as I wanted to say hello and thank you for motivating me to come visit. She pointed outside and informed me that the owner would be responsible for that. Her name is Kristine Peterson and she was such a delight to meet. I told her my story of following them via social media and how I finally got a chance to visit.


MA'ALAEA GENERAL STORE is certainly more than just a general store! It's a small business that is breathing life into the community on the water's edge. With an active owner like Kristine and her very friendly staff, I certainly see why visitors who came into her store love it.

I can't see anything NOT tasting great here. The only thing I wish I would've done is eat outside. Now, many of you who know me, know my need for high powered fans or a good breeze is imperative to eating outside so I normally wouldn't recommend it...but I didn't discover this open-air-covered-nicely decorated-spacious-with a view- facility until we said our goodbyes. It prolly goes without saying that upon my return, THIS will be my spot to hang at!

I'd like send a big MAHALO to Kristine and all the staff at MA'ALAEA GENERAL STORE. After waiting so long to visit, I can say it was everything I wanted it to be and more! We shall certainly be returning to see you again! Maybe I can convince myself to be a bit more daring when I order and also spend all day there eating! ha ha ha!


Ma'alaea General Store

132 Ma'alaea Rd.

Wailuku, Hi 96793

Hours of Operation:

6:00am - 4:00am EVERYDAY!

Be sure to check them out on your social media!



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