Blossom, Pop Up and Bloom!

Come support small local businesses with BLOOMINGDALE'S Hawaii (Located at Ala Moana Center)! I've been waiting for this to watch it bloom!

By the 1970's, BLOOMINGDALE'S distinguished themselves as not being just a store but more-so a DESTINATION! They carried the Bloomingdale's brother's dream forward in the 2000's by finding a variety of ways to set them apart. Now, get ready to see how BLOOMINGDALE'S Hawaii is creatively supporting small local businesses through a unique event!

Hawaii has fashionistas and trend setters waiting to BLOSSOM and why not give Honolulu, a carefully curated Pop-Up Market that combines fashion and local designers within the beautiful walls of BLOOMINGDALE'S?

Actually, that's EXACTLY what they did!

I sent a message to Carolyn Edwards (General Manager of Bloomingdale's Hawaii) a few days before the event and she informed me of what was happening. I couldn't have been more thrilled to hear of this event and I assured her that I was certainly going to be present as I love supporting small local businesses! She was so excited about the event and the small businesses that were to be featured on the 1st floor of BLOOMINGDALE'S.

Let's take a look at who was there.... You may know em'.

(1) "KI-ELE" -

I've been following "KI-ELE" via instagram for a while. I love her pieces...especially the "Aloha" bracelet featured above!

Founder, Owner, and Designer, Marylea Conrad (pictured below) is an absolute delight. She's so passionate about her pieces and (after seeing her at so many shows) dedicated to her small local business! Be sure to visit her website ( to read MORE about her business and see MORE of her works of art!

(2) "KONA RED" -

Did someone say COLD BREW? Yep, he sure did. I was so fortunate NOT to have my cup of coffee for the morning as I popped into Bloomingdale's. Now, KONA RED wasn't selling these scrumptious bottles of caffeinated pleasure but CURT SMITH (Brand and Sales Director - Pacific Region) was there to pass out samples to everyone that stopped for a minute to gawk at these bottles under the awning.

(photo from

At first, I was thinking, "if you've had one cold brew you've had them all". But in this case, I'm so thankful that CURT was around. He spoke so passionately about his product and how smooth and tasty it is because they use high quality coffee beans. I couldn't agree more, the coffee is smooth, I only wish I could've purchased a bottle right there! BUT, thankfully he informed me that I could buy bottles at COSTCO (and that works for me).

Mahalo CURT SMITH for sharing the information as it truly helped! Be sure to visit their website ( to learn more about their product and WHERE you can get your own bottle.

(3) The Ocean Paper -

Some people journey from the west side of Oahu or Kaneohe to visit Ala Moana Center, but MICHELLE MARSH (Owner and Designer of The Ocean Paper) came over from "The Garden Isle" also known as KAUAI, to share her magnificent creations with us.

...with her, she packed a beautiful array of watercolor cards, paintings and notebooks! They are very chic and well representing of the ocean! (especially that black card with coral on it in the personal favorite).

It was such a pleasure to view all her pieces that she designed and painted herself. In Kauai, you could find her at a variety of shows (some of which I intend to visit once ELEV8 HAWAII ventures to Kauai), so it was such a treat to be able to see her work in Honolulu!

Be sure to visit her site at to see more of her work or to order a few for yourself!

(4) Rumi Murakami -

If the saying goes that STYLE is in the eye of the beholder. Than I must say that RUMI MURAKAMI is a DIVA OF STYLE!

Today was the first time that I got to meet RUMI MURAKAMI and it was such a pleasure! Although, I mentioned that I swear I've seen her name somewhere. She proceeded to inform me of all the events that she has attended in Honolulu along with the fabulous places that she has her designs featured at to purchase...then it all came together! She's currently featured at FISHCAKE and APARTMENT 155 at the South Shore Market (Ward Village) and that's where I saw her name!

Rumi designs and creates her clothing in Honolulu. She's a lover of supporting small local businesses and is very passionate about collaborating with highly skilled local tailors and seamstresses to create her masterpieces!

Rumi's designs are curated and created for both MEN and WOMEN, and can be made Ready-To-Wear or Cut-To-Order. As a lover of modern design, you can see her attention to detail reflected in pieces that she creates!

(Photo above is from

Be sure to visit her website ( if you're interested to know more about RUMI, her designs or her latest collection.

(5) RAMA -

First of all, I must agree with RUHI SHAH (Founder/Designer of RAMA), children deserve to have fashion that is "distinct, simple, comfortable AND beautiful". I'm so thankful that they can turn to RAMA to find that.

RUHI SHAH designs and creates clothing for children to wear to school, casual wear or even to parties. She provides a very comfortable and simple look that children will love (and parents will love to purchase).

RUHI says: "the collection is thoughtfully designed and tailored. Adjustable ties and soft elastic allows clothes to be worn throughout several growth spurts. The use of 100% cotton sateen fabric make for comfortable and machine washable apparel."

Be sure to visit her website to see more of her collection at


When I say the name of this small, local business, I picture someone sitting under a tree with a daisy in hand reciting "...he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not" while plucking the petals off the flower.

But on the contrary, LOVE ME KNOTS is a small business run by two strong independent women named SOPHIA VUONG and JACLYN PARK. They created this business to not only make beautiful jewelry to be adorned by all but as they say it, "We're just two girls trying to save the world in style! The perfect blend of fashion, feminine, and ecology".

The really cool thing about their company is that with each piece purchased, they give 20% of the profit to a local animal charity (like Hawaiian Humane Society and ASPCA Hawaii). As an animal lover I can totally appreciate that!

Below are a few sexy sweet pieces that I found on their website that I think you may enjoy! But don't take my word for it. Visit their site at and see for yourself!

(2 Photos Below are from

Another collection that I thought is adorable is their "Mini and Me" Collection. Perfect for you and your little one! (this Fortune Cookie one is sooo cool).


Overall, I want to say a big MAHALO to Carolyn Edwards for inviting me and ELEV8 HAWAII over to check out this delicious event supporting small local businesses from Hawaii (not JUST from Oahu). It was such a pleasure to be able to speak with all the hardworking and dedicated small business owners for this showcase.

The location was well selected (inside with air conditioning and at the bottom of the escalator), the small businesses chosen were incredible, the timing was just right (from 12pm-6pm) and your intentions were pure and obvious.

This event was BLOOMINGDALE'S (Ala Moana Center) 2nd time hosting this incredible event and I could only hope that it would get bigger. From my conversation with Ms. Edwards, there is another POP-UP MARKET to be held in June 2017 so I'll be sending out more information as the time creeps up.

Thank you all for reading and supporting small local businesses in Hawaii and I can't wait to share more with you tomorrow!!

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Who are you looking for?

Can't find them on our showcase?  Well, let us know!  We love small business and would love to know who you're looking for so we could see about getting them FEATURED!

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