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If you have never been to "Frankie's Nursery", get ready to be amazed. I've lived in Hawaii all my life and I have never visited. What's wrong with me?

Crossing through the H-3 tunnel on our way to Frankie's Nursery, I sat in the car in anticipation of what to expect. Yesterday, my father sat with us and talked about this incredible fruit nursery in Waimanalo that could only be described as the "Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory" of nurseries around the island. He said, "you will find the most astonishing fruit you have EVER TASTED there". Nothing more... he didn't tell me what it tasted like or what it looked like. Hence, what prompted my curiosity.

Nestled in Waimanalo and owned by Frank Sekiya, "Frankie's Nursery" has the fruit trees you're looking for to spruce up your yard and invigorate your taste buds! The folks on the nursery are said to be the best in the business, as "Tropical Fruit Tree Specialist".

Waimanalo in general is an unbelievable city that showcases a lusciously green backdrop of the Olomana Mountains and community that proudly represents the "Aloha" spirit of Hawaii. It's no wonder such a incredible nursery exists in such a bountiful city! Now, without further ado... here's FRANKIE'S....

The fearless welcome committee (chickens and roosters) was there to greet us and made sure we followed our path up to the main house!

As we drove through the gate, I was immediately impressed by how well cared for the landscape was. I felt like I was walking through a painting found at an art gallery as the grounds offered bursts of colors and textures that kept my eyes scanning the property for more!

At the top of the hill was this magnificent mint colored two story house. As we parked, I saw a handful of people sitting at a table and a bundle under an awning that looked to be a little marketplace!

I eagerly rushed out of the car to see all the unique fruits that were placed in red plastic bins ready for their next adventure! I spoke to a young woman and expressed an interest in purchasing a fruit tree for my backyard. She was working with another person at the moment so I had a minute to spare. This is when I saw IT!

YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME. My mouth fell to the floor as I grabbed one. I needed to try this fruit. As I was thinking whether I had a knife to cut into this in the car, I was pointed to the refrigerator where a cup of HONEY CREAM Pineapple was already pre-cut and ready for me!

After my first bite I was not only HOOKED but determined to figure out how this was possible. How can this pineapple taste EXACTLY like "Honey Cream"? There was no acidic bite and it tasted like a pineapple mated with a coconut then lightly got smothered in honey! I was sold!!! I immediately proceeded to grab the four other "Honey Cream Pineapples" that were in the bin as they needed to be mine!

Don't worry, more was available to others.

So, you must be wondering, why are the tops cut off?

Well, that's because these "HONEY CREAM" pineapples are HYBRID creations of "Frankie's Nursery" and there's a patent pending on this innovation to protect his tasty treat!

Don't think that the HONEY CREAM pineapple is the only thing available on this plantation. Frankie's Nursery is filled with small, medium and large trees that are ready to go home with you!

I could continue to tell you what a beautiful adventure this was but I prefer to encourage you to visit the nursery for yourself. This is certainly a small local business in Hawaii that I will recommend for locals and tourists alike! Even if you're not shopping for a fruit tree, come by and pick up some fresh produce that was grown on the land you walk on!

Congratulations "FRANKIE'S NURSERY" for all your success and contributions to tantalize our taste buds.

Frankie's Nursery

41-999 Mahiku Place

Waimanalo, Hi 96795

Tel: (808) 259-8737

Website: www.frankiesnursery.com

Email: frankiesnursery@hawaii.rr.com

Hours Of Operation

Sunday - Tuesday: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Wednesday, Thursday: CLOSED

Friday - Saturday: 9:00am - 4:30pm

(except the last Saturday of the month, where "FRANKIE'S NURSERY" is at the KCC Farmer's Market)

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