KOREAN food in CHINAtown!

May 18, 2017

It was maybe 4 months ago that I started following O'Kim's on Instagram.

Days and months went by as I browsed through hundreds of small local businesses, peeking to see what O'Kim's was selling that day.  I was always impressed by their menu but it wasn't until today that I was blown away by the taste!  

My Instagram buddy Ritsuko (Founder/Owner of Poohkohawaii.com & @Poohko_hawaii) tagged me in a few photos of O'Kim's over the past few days and I couldn't help but wonder what it would taste like.  They are a small, local business in Chinatown Honolulu that serves Korean flavors!  Gosh! I'm down for a lunch time adventure!  


As everyone knows, parking in Chinatown is no joke!  If you aren't one of the "CHOSEN" to find a metered parking stall, you're pretty much going to be paying

$ 5-12.00 for a stall in a managed parking facility.  Fortunately, I made a deal with myself (like each time I go to Chinatown), if I don't find a metered parking stall, it's a sign to return another day.  


LUCK BE A LADY TONIGHT!!!  I found a stall!!!  LET'S GET IT ON!!!  


I was already salivating as I knew I was going to feast on this KOREAN masterpiece today!  While walking, I turned the corner to get onto Smith Street and this scent overtook me.  FORTUNATELY for me it wasn't the smell of CHINATOWN!!!  It was of Korean BBQ (a scent I could smell all day).  

I finally arrived at the entrance and I was the ONLY one there!!!  Being that I planned on heading over a little after the downtown business people return to work, I was VERY pleased.  I was immediately greeted at the door.  The space was small but perfect for cooking, bagging and sending you on your way!  There was a monthly special available (that I did not order only because I was on a mission). But, I also went a step further and tried their "Soursop Lemonade".  O-M-G...So GOOD! 

The menu was just the right size with a few great options.  It wasn't overwhelming so you wouldn't be standing in line trying to decide what to eat like you're in Las Vegas looking for your final number for roulette.  

Being that this was my first time, I thought it appropriate to try out a dish that you find in most Korean restaurants... the "BIBIMBAP"... But, I added KALBI to it!  

This dish is exactly what I wanted and then some!  When I normally eat Korean food, I tend to feel like a lot salt was added to the dish but (to me) this taste just right!  Included with the Barley Rice on the bottom of the bowl was seasoned vegetables, Apple Gochujang sauce and kimchi!  


I was told O'Kim's is very proud to make everything themselves.  They source (and use) local ingredients and you can taste the difference as they take pride in creating a stellar meal.  The serving size was just the right portion for lunch and didn't leave me wanting more!  

 The owner couldn't be sweeter!  She prepared my entire meal and thanked me for coming in to try em' out!  I certainly will be coming back to try out the next thing on my menu...  "Spicy Chix and Gnocchi".  

 I was about to leave and I saw this (above)!  The to-go menu, along with VEGAN specials for all my VEGAN-EATER-READERS!  The ladies said, it's easy if you want to call in an order and just drive by to pick it up (they literally can run it out to your car...so convenient!)  


As usual, my friends never seem to steer me wrong!  I want to give a big shout out to POOHKO HAWAII for her diligence as it got me to search for parking in Chinatown and find a new lunchtime favorite!  


<<My Advice>> 

Go around 1:00pm as the lunch crowd normally settles down by then.  There also is a couple of chairs inside to eat but this place would normally be considered a "grab-n-go" in my books!  




Business Information 



1164 Smith St. 

Honolulu, Hi  96817

Tel:  (808) 537-3787


Hours of Operation


Monday - Saturday:    Lunch- 10:00am - 2:00pm    Dinner:  4:00pm - 8:00pm



Website:  www.okimshawaii.com




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