"Pots-n-Plants-n-Art, Oh My!"

Today is Wednesday and the weekend is but a few short days away. Just enough time to make plans for Saturday morning! If you're like me, you have already got a schedule on what you NEED to accomplish this weekend. There's a few places that I MUST go to and a few places that I'd LIKE to visit (if I have extra time). There's a handful of small local businesses that are getting together to host a sale of plants, pots and art in Kaneohe and this place is a MUST-GO-TO for your Saturday morning!

First, I'd like to introduce you to Mrs. Karen Kim (Owner of Pot Me Up / Coordinator of "Pots'n'Plants"). I met with Karen today and let me tell you she is a GEM! Upon first meeting her, my professional side came out as she extended her hand to shake mine, but I immediately felt comfortable with her that I needed to greet her with a hug! Karen was so happy to talk about her event that she hosts right in her own well manicured yard each year in Kaneohe.

I was so taken back by her wealth of knowledge of gardening, that I felt like I was back in college learning about a new subject. Come to find out, Karen also is certified as a Master Gardener by the University of Hawaii (that explains so much). You could normally find her at orchid shows, where she brings her gorgeous flowers that were planted and raised in her own garden.

The event happening on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 9:00am - 2:30pm will be featuring not only plants-in-pots created by Mrs. Kim, but her own works of pottery masterpieces will be available to purchase. She has been spending most of her days and nights burning the midnight oil handcrafting pottery for people to love and enjoy! I feel so lucky to be able to view her pieces prior to the show on Saturday...and also to share it with you. (By the way, all of the pieces shown below will be available at the show. They are one-of-a-kind so be sure to come early).

Karen proudly showed me her collection and you could feel the excitement in her voice as she talked about each handcrafted piece of pottery. It took every ounce of patience from asking her to purchase a pot prior to Saturday.

What I really liked about Karen Kim's pottery is that most of them aren't clean lines. I like my pots to look like they were handmade! We joked a little about that as she pointed out her work station and how it is an "organized mess". She mentioned how her husband would want to come out and clean it up but SHE knows where everything is in it's current state and wouldn't want it reorganized. (I feel the same way, you haven't seen MY office).

Karen also mentioned that her son will be showcasing his piece for people who would love to start their own ABOVE GROUND garden!

Now say you are renting a home that doesn't allow you to plant your own vegetables or flowers in the ground, or you may have an medical concern that doesn't allow you to bend down to the ground. Don't let that hold you back from planting your own ABOVE GROUND garden...This may be the answer...

I'm already going to be in line to purchase 2 of these. I don't want to plant anything into the ground where I live so this will certainly come in handy. The holes on the bottom will allow the water to drain out properly. Plus, not to mention, if I would like to move it to a different location, the handles on the side will help to make the relocation easier.

Just to let you know he will be limited to the amount that he has available to sell so be sure to get there early to get your ABOVE GROUND PLANTER!

I was very happy to visit Karen Kim and her abundance of plants and pots to be able to profile her incredible event that will be happening this weekend at her home in Kaneohe.

Karen has collaborated with 15+ fantastic small local business owners/crafters who will be there to showcase their handmade pieces. You certainly won't want to miss this event! From handmade pots, to plants, to paintings, to glass art (or as I like to call them Glass-terpieces), to handmade jewelry and much more. If you needed an event to support small local businesses...this is a great one to attend.

If you know friends who may also be interested, please be sure to share this blog with them. I can't wait to get there!!

The address, Google Map and parking information is listed below.

Address: 45-061 Ka Hanahou Place. Kaneohe, Hi 96744

Parking: Parking can be easily found along the street

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