Have You Ever Needed ASAP?

December 15, 2016

"Can I get a venti sugar-free vanilla latte?"  Those were the first words I muttered out of my mouth today at 2:13pm to the patient barista. 


The shopping was almost completed.  My list of names to buy holiday gifts for seemed to be dwindling down to nothing and I couldn't be any happier.  Like most years, the time to ship out gifts out-of-state hits me around the "10 days til Christmas" time frame. 


Years before, I would be dreading this time of year.  The post office is just overwhelmed with boxes upon boxes and the lines to drop off a gift are around the block, like people are lining up for a Bruno Mars concert.   I suppose the most infuriating part (for me) is not only having to wrap these gifts but to place them in a box and pack them for shipping!  Well, that was until I found.....

ALOHA SHIP AND PACK CORPORATION (ASAP) is located at 98-1277 Kaahumanu St. Ste 106.  Aiea, Hi  96701.   I've been coming here for the past year and each time I stop in to ship a package or mail a letter I deal with knowledgeable people who help to make your shipping experience a walk in the park. 


Today I went in to check the prices of shipping and in turn my day got a little brighter. 


Elev8 Hawaii:  Do you folks have boxes for sale? 

ASAP:  Of course! 


Elev8 Hawaii:  Excellent, how much are they?  I plan to pack everything at home and bring things down tomorrow to ship. 

ASAP:  Why not bring everything in and we'll pack it for you? 


Elev8 Hawaii:  (shocked face) What? You guys do that? 

ASAP:  Of course.  You just pay for the boxes when you come in. 


I honestly can't express the amount relief that I felt (although he could probably see it on my face!)  Throughout the year when I shipped packages, ASAP would pack it for me but I thought with the holidays it may change... APPARENTLY NOT! 


I want to let everyone know that I'm not paid to advertise small local businesses and this recommendation is my personal opinion. 


If you are looking for a place to ship your packages out...Stop by ALOHA SHIP AND PACK CORPORATION (ASAP), wrap your gifts at home, get the address to where you're sending it to, head on over and let them help you send those gifts out! 


(Ps. Be sure you sign up for their REWARDS PROGRAM while you're down there...)










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