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December 13, 2016

Make this spot the next stop for your LUNCHTIME hour.  Hidden in the beautiful City of Kapolei at the KAPOLEI GOLF CLUB is a restaurant that relaxes, satisfies and allows you to appreciate living in Hawaii.  Welcome to KAPOLEI GOLF CLUB RESTAURANT


Before I start talking about the restaurant, I NEED to tell you about this incredible facility.  The Kapolei Golf Club is located at 91-701 Farrington Highway, Kapolei, Hi  96707 (check the map on the bottom of the page).  The adventure begins down a straight paved road from the street... Be sure to pay attention on the road or you may pass by the entrance (i'm guilty of that). 

After you park your vehicle and get out, you notice as you look around that have a "Aunty Emm, I ain't in Kansas anymore" moment. 


The surroundings are well kept and green.  No trash lingering around the roads.  The parking stalls were clearly lined and spaced accordingly.  I already had a good feeling as I turned on Palani Vaughan's "Ipo Lei Manu" on my IPhone. 



Here's a brief summary about the golf course, straight from Kapolei Golf Club: 

"Designed by architect Ted Robinson, who is best known for his use of water features and referred to as the "King of Waterscapes," which is very visible at Kapolei. 


Kapolei's elevated greens, 80 bunkers and five lakes provide delightful tactical challenges.  All of greens are visible from tee ground, and Kapolei's wide fairways and generous greenside chipping ares deliver a high level of overall playability for golfers of all levels"





Upon entering the club, I couldn't help but walk around and notice all the details that made this place a fantastic spot for visitors and locals alike.  It wasn't until I walked out the back door onto the patio that I was desperate to get into the restaurant and see what the menu had to offer.  The patio area and the lookout is SPECTACULAR!  If it looks this good OUTSIDE I most certainly wanna see what happens in the kitchen! 



Mr. Walter Enriquez Jr. is the new "Director of Food and Beverage" at the Kapolei Golf Club.  He comes with many successful years of operational management and directorship.  He wants everyone to know they are welcome in for Breakfast, Lunch, and Happy Hour. 


Breakfast: Monday-Friday:  6:30am-11:00am / Saturday & Sunday: 6:00am-11:00am

Lunch:   11:00am - 3:30pm

Happy Hour:   3:30pm - 6:30pm





In the dining area, there's a lot of seating available for a table of two to a big group of eight.  The bar is the perfect spot to grab a cold one while watching the game after playing a few holes.  The floor to ceiling windows surrounding the dining room gives an abundance of natural light and the air conditioning made it so comfortable to sit and relax even sitting near the window. 




The menu is so diverse with flavors I wanted to order a sampler that came with a "lil bit of this and a lil bit of that".  (click on the photo to see the full menu)

Now, notice the Japanese menu above?... the club has an entire separate line of Japanese chefs in the kitchen to prepare this menu.  So you have one group of chefs that prepare the main menu and another group that prepares food from the Japanese menu.  Why?  Well, when you order from the Japanese menu, it will take a little longer than the regular menu as the chefs are meticulously preparing every facet of the menu to true Japanese standards so you get the desired flavors. 




We started with appetizers which included Onion Rings (of course) and Shishito Peppers. 


I'm not a fan of spicy food or peppers BUT I needed to make this a part of my world today.  It's rumored that one pepper in the bunch will be extremely spicy.  So of course, i had to take a walk on the wild side and give it a whirl! 

And of course, just my luck... I find the SPICY ONE!!! "Water Please"  

"Pan Seared Salmon" (Mixed vegetables, white rice, yuzu butter sauce,

sweet soy glaze, lomi tomato).

VEGAN SELECTION:  This isn't offered as a menu choice but they were very helpful to create a wrap to satisfy a happy vegan at our table.  This was the "Grilled Chicken Wrap" but they removed the chicken and replaced it with more greens, no mayo and replaced the ranch dressing with a vinaigrette.  MAHALO CHEFS!!

I chose from the Japanese menu as it's fairly new (not on the website yet) and I wanted to try it out.  This is the "Oyako Bowl" fresh island eggs and chicken with rice underneath. 


The lunch was satisfying, the ambiance was clean and open, and the surrounding environment is picture perfect...what more could we ask for?? 


The Dessert


Well, thanks to the helpfulness of Miss Nikki (our server) she recommended the "Pineapple Creme Brulee".  Unfortunately, it was past the lunch time hours to serve the dish so she was unsure if we could get it.  But, thanks to her willingness to ask and the kindness of the kitchen, we were delighted by a Pineapple Creme Brulee served in a portion of a pineapple that (in my opinion) should be served at every waking hour the restaurant is open! (so good!)


The chopped up pineapple on the bottom of the brulee gave a delightful "caramel-esque" flavor that combined nicely with the pineapple cream and the crunch from the toasting. 




Friends, there's really nothing more that I can say about this whole experience other than, it was "Monday Afternoon Perfection".  We definitely will be coming back regularly as we wanna eat our way through the menu. 


Stop by and try out the menu for yourself!  We're very happy we did! 





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