It is a pleasure to introduce an often overlooked but necessary form of artistry, that of a good tailor/seamstress.

Often overlooked, that is, until you find yourself in need of one.....when you are the sort that waits until the last minute to have a party shirt created for you for a Navy Ball. Yes, we are those sort!

So, it was this desperation and humbling that brought us to several fabric stores to find the right material, and then to find a competent seamstress or tailor to remove the sleeves and back from a dinner shirt and replace them with said "party material". It's no easy feat, and well beyond my limited stitchery. I got a "D" in Home Economics, destined to be a Feral Housewife.

We were kindly given the card for Mieko Miyamoto and told to go across the street and upstairs to find her. It's a tiny little slip of a shop, and if you are new to Hawaii, you need to get used to finding these, as they are usually the best kept secrets in quality. On the door it said "Sew Precious", which is as clever as it is precious.

(Thomas Square Hale Anue is moreso known as "Puck's Alley")

(Upstairs and the first door on your right)

We squeezed into the tiny one room shop, lined with garments in various states of readiness, making our pitch to Mieko, along with our ungodly time frame of 6 days to get it done! She usually books a month ahead of time, so we must have carried quite a look of desperation! With such a demanding deadline, we expected to pay a pretty sum , but Mieko's quote was truly reasonable. Needless to say, a tip is greatly deserved for being on time and delivering quality work.

Mieko delivered beautifully and promptly on time. She also is a fashion designer, and works in a lot of collaborative projects with clients to create one of a kind creations. Mahalo Mieko for your attention to detail on my wife's party shirt. She was, as always, the life of the party!


1019 University Ave.

Ste. 6

Honolulu, Hi 96826

Tel: (808) 554-8042

Facebook: @sewprecious/kamalanifashion

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