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What's the square root of 18,390? What's the capital of Belize? How many gas stations are in the United States of America? What do you want to do with your life?

Questions like these may be challenging to answer but can you imagine answering them with NO COFFEE? Neither can we, that's the reason we came down to CHADLOU'S COFFEE in Kailua.

This cute coffee shop located on Kihapai Street in Kailua is the perfect place to get that "cup of joe" when you're out and about.

I needed to have my sugar-free vanilla latte as I skillfully managed to make it throughout the day with just 1 cup in the morning. Upon walking in, I anticipated just getting a cup-to-go and possibly a lil pastry to munch on while in the car. This plan was pleasantly spoiled as I loved the decor and needed to sit and relax inside.

I ordered my coffee first and turned to the side to see a variety of tasty breads just waiting for me!! WHAT TO CHOOSE? I was so confused as I wanted them all.

I finally decided to spoil myself and eat the PAPAYA BREAD! It was soooooooooo amazing! You could taste the papaya and it wasn't dry at all. It looked like it wanted to take a dip in my coffee so I had to give in. It was a burst of coffee shop flavors in the mouth...vanilla, papaya and coffee. Apparently, I made a great decision!

We stayed for about an hour and half. The ambiance was exactly what you would expect from a community coffee shop! The atmosphere created the perfect environment that I needed to relax and work in peace! I just put my headset on and felt like I was at home!

OVERALL, I was extremely pleased with ChadLou's Coffee and I will certainly be back again to try out another pastry with my coffee!

I'd love to extend a big mahalo to ChadLou's and the young lady helping us today (So sorry I didn't get her name as I was trapped in flavortown with that Papaya Bread) as she was a pleasure! The sugar free vanilla latte was well balanced in flavor and the macchiato hit the spot!

Thank you again to everyone reading and keep supporting small local businesses in your area!! Keep us posted if you see any business we haven't featured yet as we'd love to stop by and support them as well!!

Mahalo and Aloha,

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