Catching up with "FRESH CATCH"

Visiting Oahu a few years ago, I discovered the mouth watering creation known as Poke; cubed raw fish (preferably ahi or salmon) swimming happily in its marinade of Shoyu, garlic, and sesame oil.

Unlike its traditional Japanese counterpart, Sushi, which is raw fish draped demurely over a finger mound of rice, Hawaiian Poke is a bold statement of weight and taste, like a lover’s tongue marinated in red wine, pushed passionately into your mouth. You never forget your first!

It was this island sensation I could hardly wait to experience again when I moved here. A couple of months into settling in and learning to navigate my way to downtown in Kaimuki, I learned of the restaurant “Fresh Catch” (3109 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816). It’s proximity to H1 is a plus to a new arrival who is learning her Mauka from Makai, and there was plenty of lot parking, which is a luxury few can afford downtown.

Once inside, I found myself mesmerized by an ENTIRE deli case of Poke before my eyes! Fireball Ahi, Shoyu, Limu, Hawaiian spicy (with seaweed), as well as more unusual fusions with Coconut, and Jalapeño and Korean influenced, “Kimchee Tako” (Octopus) were all on display. The menu also boasts a wide array of Beef, Chicken, and Salad dishes, like the “Doritos Salad” to satisfy even the pickiest diner. The atmosphere is family friendly and comfortable, which meant I was on my best behavior.

Chef Reno Henriques has made a local name for himself, combining his own culinary experience with local flavor to create a full menu of seafood dishes, Poke, as well as his own bottled sauces for purchase. Fresh Catch has also been featured in Food Network’sDiner’s, Drive-Inns & Dives”.

**Added Bonus**

Reno’s brother, Dominic, runs the RRR Recycling Service that shares the same lot. Customers who redeem their HI-5 cans here will get a 5% discount at the restaurant. Mahalo for doing your part in keeping HI beautiful!

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