SB #006: HAWAII CANDY's tasty new secret...

Just from looking at the box, you may be familiar with the name HAWAII CANDY! You see them in just about every snack aisle from Waianae to Hawaii Kai! HAWAII CANDY certainly has laid roots in our island community. With over 80 years of creating confectionery masterpieces in Honolulu for families to enjoy, HAWAII CANDY has created yet another mouth watering "must have".

Growing up in Hawaii, I was privileged to be surrounded by beautiful picturesque beaches, fresh island air, gorgeous green mountain tops and HAWAII CANDY!

This small local business opened it's doors in 1933. It's founder, Soichi Ohta and his wife Kinuyo had learned the delicious trade of crafting SENBEI (Japanese Tea Cookies) in Japan and brought the craze to Hawaii with the opening of a small neighborhood factory! As his vision grew so did his need for more space to share his treats. In 1954, Mr. Ohta purchased what is now known as HAWAII CANDY. He then had 2 for SENBEI (more commonly known as Wafer Cookies) and candy plus another one for just candy!

Many of the products that started the company off are still on the shelves at your nearest stores. Confections like the Red Coconut Balls and SENBEI (Wafer Cookies) are still among the most requested snacks at HAWAII CANDY. (My favorite is the Ginger Wafer Cookies...freshly ground ginger is used to place a coating on the wafer that is out of this world).

As time went by and the torch was past from generation to generation at HAWAII CANDY, you'll notice the evolution of snacks from this small local business...

So much history, dedication and above all things to "taste test" (mmmmmm) to make things taste great and to create a product worthy of sharing with the rest of the islands (and the world). Small local businesses (like HAWAII CANDY) work hard to give their customers the best of the best.

As a customer I truly can appreciate their dedication to adjust to social and economic needs but most of ain't no secret... I LOVE THEIR CANDIES!!!!


Fresh off the cutting boards, straight to you from a street near the airport....

NO! It's not their unique GIANT FORTUNE COOKIE... (although I must say, this fortune cookie is HUGE, tasty and certainly worth heading down to pick up!)


NOW, this secret delectable treat is NOT being sold in stores, it is NOT being advertised on their website or facebook. In fact, in order for you to get a box, you need to call HAWAII CANDY (808-836-8955) to place an order.

(ps. It's the PERFECT OMIYAGE)


Let me be the first to tell you...

The macadamia nut flavor encompasses this okoshi and creates a pleasure that your mouth has never known before! The people that I've let sample these goodies have all told me the same thing... "'s all about the macadamia nut flavor".

The Okoshi is packaged in a small see through container which holds 6 packs of 3 okoshi (perfect for business gifts, family snacks or something to top off a dinner).

Everything is made at HAWAII CANDY and each piece is cut by hand. These arduous tasks are all apart of the dedication that this small business has to creating not only a tasty treat but an experience that will keep you coming back for more!

After speaking with Cheryl Ohta (HAWAII CANDY's Corporate Treasurer), I can honestly say that the small local business truly cares for their local community as they always want to put out tasty treats that everyone will enjoy!

I'd like to extend a big MAHALO to HAWAII CANDY for their commitment over the past 80 years to creating fantastic treats that have gotten us through countless hours of class time, when we skip a meal due to a busy schedule, while traveling the friendly skies or when sharing a new taste to friends coming over to Hawaii from the mainland.

Contact Information:

Hawaii Candy, Inc. 2928 Ualena Street Honolulu, HI 96819 PH: (808) 836-8955 Fax: (808) 839-4040 Email:


Thank you all for reading this article that now got my mouth watering for a Macadamia Nut Okoshi! Please stay tuned for more small local businesses to support!

Aloha and Mahalo,

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