Elev8 Hawaii has been looking to break into the mainland market for some time and thanks to a few interested people who would like to work with us, we are looking to expand our operation to LAS VEGAS, NEVADA!

VIVA LAS VEGAS (or so they say)! Call it what you may but Las Vegas has been known as the 9th Island to many residents of Hawaii. Living in Hawaii always feels like summer year round so going to Las Vegas isn't much different (with regards to the weather).

While at a few meetings, I had the opportunity to browse around town. This cute store jumped out at me and caused me to "flip a U-turn". How could we just pass this adorable vintage small local business.... Say ALOHA to RETRO VEGAS!

Located at 1131 South Main, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104 in the Arts District, RETRO VEGAS has been in operation since 2008! You can't just drive by and ignore their bright pink building colors nor can you miss the swarm of pink flamingos that grace the side garage door, front door or signage!

Just walking outside of the store and looking through the windows, you can already get an impression of what to expect when you enter. Once you walk through the front doors, you're eyes are immediately confused. There's so much VINTAGE going on. We split up and everyone ventured to a different part of the room. I found myself following my OCD and working from the back of the store to the front.

From lamps to signs, couches to vases, dining tables to plates with cups, vintage shirts to vintage bags, RETRO VEGAS delivered! I felt it very difficult to hold myself back from purchasing half the store as I'm a lover of vintage pieces! I had to keep thinking about the one suitcase I brought that WILL NOT be able to hold everything I wanted!

When I went upstairs, I felt like I was transported back to the closet of a 1970's power couple. Everything from vintage men's shirts and pants were sitting on hangars waiting for someone to purchase them and breathe new life into their existence. The vintage dresses were perfectly pressed and just looking at them made you want to turn on The Funkadelics and rock out to "One Nation Under a Groove".

Gosh! If I were the store owner, I'd love to throw the clothes in the air every night just to be in a colorful shower of polyester!

I'm so happy that we were able to NOT MISS this place (due to the bright pink color of the building). I was thrilled to be surrounded by such beauty as it truly helps you to appreciate your past. Many of what you'd find in this store could be found in influences on designers and artists from this decade.

I'd personally like to thank RETRO VEGAS for continuing to do such great work as a small local business in Las Vegas, Nevada. We certainly will make this store a MUST VISIT when returning to Las Vegas and we also will recommend more people to stop in here to check it out!

Ps. Be sure to bring a bigger suitcase to take more back to Hawaii!!

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