SB #004: "Cinnamon's" take me away....

Forget Calgon...Cinnamon's Restaurant in Kailua has what you need to help you catch your breath and make it through the rough day!

While exploring through Kailua (actually I just went to pick something up and it turned into an adventure), we needed a place to relax and unwind. Someplace home-like (but without the stresses of home ha ha ha!) and a comfy atmosphere to take our time to enjoy our meal. The only place that came to my mind was Cinnamon's Restaurant located in the back corner of Kailua Square.

If you haven't heard of "Cinnamon's", let me be the first to say that Cinnamon's Restaurant isn't a place that you can just "hear" need to EXPERIENCE it.

While other restaurants are vying for a spot on popular streets, this hidden gem is perfectly nestled under a shady tree in Kailua Square. As a resident born-and-raised on the island, this delectable treasure has been a "go-to" location for years. Serving the community of Kailua since 1985, Cinnamon's has not only expanded their business to a second location in Waikiki (The Ilikai Hotel) but they have successfully opened restaurants in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan! (Congratulations!!)

Unfortunately, today we didn't visit Japan (maybe in the near future) BUT we do have photos from the ORIGINAL location where it all started...

Both seating outside and inside are available to guests. Inside is nice and cool with a cute gazebo in the center of the dining room. Outside dining is perfect for a beautiful day with each table offering shade for a comfortable dining experience.

Now, it's time to EAT!

When it comes down to the meal, I hope you brought your appetite with you. Everyone who comes to Cinnamon's has a different routine. Some will order a "Cinnamon's Cinnamon Mac-Nut Roll" with coffee to start, while others may just dive in and attack all the pancakes. There's truly no one way of doing it. We decided to order our meal AND 1 single GUAVA CHIFFON pancake (This pancake is totally famous, look HERE). I also ordered the bake spaghetti which was massive (I needed a take out bag) as it also came with a salad.

Whatever meal I ordered from Cinnamon's has always been worth talking about with friends. Be sure to take a look at Cinnamon's Breakfast Menu.

Here's a few clips from their menu that you NEED to see....

(images used from Cinnamon's Restaurant website. Prices/menu items subject to change)

Overall, we were very pleased with the attentive customer service, scrumptious meals and killer pancake!! We always make it a point to tell friends who visit Hawaii to stop in and get a Guava Chiffon pancake.

We'd like to send a big MAHALO to everyone at the restaurant that keeps it moving and growing! It's always such a great sight to see small local businesses grow to showcase their products for the rest of world! We wish you the best and can't wait to see more of you...

And finally, a BIG thank you to everyone who reads this blog and supports small local businesses in Hawaii. We can't wait to take you on another adventure and show you more that Hawaii has to offer!

Aloha and Mahalo,

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