SB #003 - "TADASHI" the night away!!

Supporting small local businesses in Hawaii isn't the hardest thing to do...especially with eateries like this one. Tadashi Restaurant, located in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center is a perfect spot to enjoy fresh made sushi and a delicious Japanese cuisine when you're in the Aiea area.

Tonight we were thinking, it's a "go have some sushi" kinda night. We got dressed and dashed out the door. The only thing missing was the location. We knew we didn't wanna pay for parking but wanted to enjoy a fine prepared Japanese meal. I personally am not a huge fish enthusiast (I know shame shame on me) but I wanted to also enjoy the experience. We couldn't have chosen a better spot!

"Let's EAT!"

After ordering my meal, the meal service started off with a tasty miso soup, tsukemono and soba! This started the engines and got us ready for the main course. With the sushi bar right out front (where everyone can see and guests can sit at) our sushi order was the first to fly out!

The "Crunchy Roll" is what we were craving for (Shrimp Tempura Rolled with Cucumber, Radish Sprout, Sweet Chili Sauce and Tadashi Special Hot Sauce). After the first bite, I immediately grabbed the menu as I wanted try more... it took a force of nature to hold me back from ordering another roll. But, then the our server came out of the kitchen with the main course....

This "Tonkatsu" plate (Center Cut Pork Tenderloin Breaded in Panko and Served with Tangy Tonkatsu Sauce) was just what I needed after that delectable "Crunchy Roll", my mouth salivated as it was placed in front of me. Upon first looking at the plate you'll notice that the -katsu slices are a "2-bite sliver" and perfect that you didn't need to cut them down. I'm very finicky when it comes to eating certain foods as I'd like to be able to eat them using one hand. This meal fit into that ideal category for my dining experience.

No Japanese meal would be complete without hot green tea (picture shown at the very top) and the cup kept being refilled (YAY!).

I will definitely be back to try out more on this menu from TADASHI RESTAURANT as I enjoyed my experience here. I'm thinking next time, I'll be attacking the sushi bar!! Be sure to check out their website... Click Here for a full display of their menu!

Thank you all for tuning in for another great dining experience with ELEV8 HAWAII. We love what we do (supporting small local businesses) and do what we love (eat, drink and be merry). I hope you stop by again to see where we go!! Until then....


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