Events: 22nd Annual "Made In Hawaii" Festival

If you were busy this past weekend and you missed the "Made In Hawaii" Festival than you missed a great turn out of small, local businesses and people supporting them.

The "Made In Hawaii" Festival is held at the Neil Blaisdell Center on Ward Avenue. From Friday - Sunday (August 19 - August 21) the Blaisdell was greeted by the pounding feet of small businesses supporters looking for their next local buy. From the beginning of the day, a line stretched around the ticket booth with local residents and tourist anxious to get in and see what's new in the world of products MADE IN HAWAII.

This schedule was posted near the stage where a star studded array of fine local chefs were going to grace the public with cooking demonstrations. As patrons of these restaurants, we always read about who's creating the dishes but we seldom ever get an opportunity to see them in action right before our eyes.

Take a look at a few small local businesses that came to showcase their products for all of us to see, try, taste and buy!

Businesses from all over the islands came to be apart of this event. There was a few that I've seen before and quite a few new spots that I most definitely will follow in the days to come.

It was such a pleasure to see so many supporters of small business. Families came with re-usable bags as they anticipated walking out with bundles of product. Businesses came with their newest pieces to showcase to the public. All and all, we got an eye full of creative talents and tasty treats!

Just being here makes us realize that Hawaii truly supports small local businesses and we are so happy to be apart of a online magazine that does the same!

Aloha and Mahalo,

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Who are you looking for?

Can't find them on our showcase?  Well, let us know!  We love small business and would love to know who you're looking for so we could see about getting them FEATURED!

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