SB #002: A Perfectly Planted SEED in Pearlridge Center

Now just from looking at the photo above..many of you may be wondering, "what in the heck is that"? Even some locals may take a minute to gaze deeper into this bag to determine what it is...

It's LICORICE PLUMS, one of the many varieties of cracked seed that is available to customers for over 20 years at this small mall operation in Pearlridge Center. Located on the 1st floor of the "uptown" mall near Macy's is this cute set up. From afar, it looks like a bundle of jars filled with colored liquid and balls of something... but upon further investigation, you'd find that each jar contains a unique flavors that a lot of Hawaii local residents go crazy for. CRACK SEED!

Many of our friends from the mainland are caught be surprise when we bring them here....that is until i give them a few pieces to try. After that, they are on the "bandwagon to crack seed ordering" online!

But, what is "Crack Seed"?

"Crack seed, a popular local snack in Hawaii, comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Also known as Li Hing Mui or See Mui, crack seed is actually a variety of dehydrated and preserved fruits" (

Over 15 jars sit in the middle of the this quaint kiosk in the middle of the mall waiting for their next customer. Little do many people know, Seed City has been in Pearlridge Center for over 20 years and (in my opinion) it defines small, local businesses in the islands.

<This one here is my favorite HONEY LI HING MUI>

Despite all the changes that happen around this little store, they stay true to their name. They are most definitely the SEED CITY in Pearlridge Center.

Now to make your mouth water a little and your lips pucker...

Do you know what this is??

Now, don't get me wrong...the crack seed here is incredible and perfect on those days you want to browse through the mall and snack while walking... But SEED CITY also offers an array of other unique snacks... come down to see what we mean.

I personally would like to recommend trying the Li Hing Mui Strawberry Icee! It's HAWAII for goodness sake and it's always warm. This combination is perfect as you get a little crack seed (Li Hing) with refreshing strawberry icee.

Mahalo goes out to everyone at SEED CITY that makes this place work for all the locals, soon-to-be locals and visitors that come to Hawaii.

Oooooh one last thing before I forget... They are CASH ONLY so be sure to bring your green.

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Who are you looking for?

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