SB #001: Fruits, Vegetables and BACON? Oh My!

When I think about going out to eat on the weekend, I'm normally the type of person that likes flashy lights, sparkles and glitz/glam. I never expected to experience all those requisites in the form of FOOD. With each bite from my fork and sip from my straw, I felt myself glowing...maybe because it's a healthier way to feast. Welcome to HiBlend Health Bar and Cafe.

Located at 661 Keeaumoku Street #105A Honolulu, Hi 96814, this incredible lil cafe is cooking up a blend of nutritious and delectable smoothies and juices to quench your thirst. The kitchen is also a force to be reckoned with as they offer a variety of choices that can tempt you to overeat.

It was a hot and muggy afternoon. We just sat in traffic to go to the Made in Hawaii festival, only to be turned away due to the lot being full. I felt defeated and in agony as I normally have a PLAN B. As we were cruising down on Kapiolani Blvd., trying to think of a place that would satisfy my dying hunger, it hit me. HiBlend is just around the corner and they have parking readily available.

Be sure to bring your ticket with you as HiBlend will validate if you decide to eat in (although they also can do take-out if you're on the run).

The menu is simple and self explanatory but you'll find the ingredients in the mocktails (non-alcoholic fruit cocktails as I like to call them) are perfect in every way once you get them blended together!

When it came down to ordering food, we decided to air on the side of adventure and try something from the SPECIALS OF THE WEEK. When you visit a small business, it's always been my choice to try something from the "specials" menu if one is available. Check out what we tried....

This is THE BALT (Bacon, Avacado (although I asked for none), Lettuce and Tomato on a toasted croissant with a Pesto Aioli. <MY TOTAL FAVORITE>

This is from the Specials menu. The Watermelon Pizza Salad (ingredients featured on the menu photo above...there's so much in it!)

Finally to end the meal, I always wanted to try their shot sampler... it was colorful and tasty!

We are so grateful (once again) to HiBlend Health Bar and Cafe for their hospitality and sensational menu choices. I feel healthier already! People in general eat out a lot, it's just sometimes maybe we should be eating out HEALTHIER. If that's how you feel than swing on by to HiBlend Health Bar and Cafe on Keeaumoku Street for your dose of fresh, healthy and tasty options.

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