Chile Pepper Palooza!

We talk about needing more "spice" in our life but THIS is taking it very LITERALLY!

On Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 8am - 12pm at the Aloha Farm Lovers Farmer's Market at Pearlridge Center was a festival that could set your heart on fire! Bring your umbrellas, bring your water bottles, bring a sweat rag and someone who can drive you home... cause this was the CHILE PEPPER Festival!

At 9:30am, this place was filled with people looking to WAKE UP with a hot flaming pepper instead of just a quick cup of coffee. People from all over the island flocked to Pearlridge Shopping Center to get their lips and taste buds on some treats of heat from the variety of vendors. This certainly wasn't your average farmer's market!

Everything from breakfast, lunch, desserts and snacks were flowing with the taste of pepper. Some were hot and some were mild, some were baked in with other ingredients so you can't see em' while others were hanging on stick ready for your bravery! But ALL were done very well!

Small local businesses were out in force providing visitors with samples and showcasing their treats with a twist of Chile Pepper! I watched as people waited and listened to everyone's reaction before they came forward to try it themselves. I glanced and saw each booth busy with guests and smiled as I saw people walking away with bags of supplies to hold them over til the next go-round.

Overall, the event was fantastic! I got myself a few spicy things to use at home when I'm sitting around being lazy. I'd like to give a big KUDOS to Aloha Farm Lovers and Pearlridge Shopping Center for an event well done!

Til next time!

A Hui Hou!

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